LeBron James has become accustomed to breaking records and reaching milestones, and he is on pace for yet another one. The Chosen One isn't known for just his scoring, but he will yet again break another scoring record. He has averaged atleast 25 Points Per Game in 12 straight seasons, dating back to his sophomore season in the NBA (2004-05). And this season he is yet again averaging over 25 PPG, with 3 games left he sits at 26.3 PPG. Once the campaign is over it will be his 13th consecutive season of 25+ PPG. A historic streak that no one else in league history has been able to do.

This milestone is historic

This is such a coveted record because he is the only person to do it. Being in just his 14th season in the NBA, and to already have broken this record is remarkable. No one else comes close to LeBron's 13-seasons in a row record, not even the legends known as the greatest scorers of all time.

Scoring over 25 Points on average in every game for 13 years consecutively, is very hard to do. Michael Jordan did it for 11 consecutive seasons, Kobe Bryant did it for nine straight seasons, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also did it for nine straight. The only player that may threaten this record by King James may be Kevin Durant, who is currently in his 8th straight season with over 25 points per game.

But either way, the consistency of LeBron may allow him to continue adding the years to this accomplishment, and we may never see another play able to do it.

But he's not a scorer

Looking at all the accomplishments LeBron James for his scoring production would make an average NBA fan believe he is a scorer. But the fact of the matter is, Mr.

James is far from just that, he's known as one of if not the greatest all around player of all time. He scores, passes, rebounds, defends at an elite level while having a great basketball IQ to add the cherry on top. This season is pure proof of that, LeBron is averaging career highs in assists per game (8.7) and rebounds per game (8.5) in his 14th season, something that yet again, no one has done before.

He's also moving up the all-time lists which include points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. The King is the only player in NBA History to be in the top 10 in scoring and top 15 in assists at the same time.

So LeBron James may not be just a scorer, and won't go down in the history books as a "scorer" but with the accomplishments he's gaining, and the chance of becoming the NBA's all time scorer. This man just may break all the records for getting buckets, and doing so historically.