This morning the Philadelphia Phillies officially introduced their newest addition, former Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta. The 32-year old veteran agreed to a three-year, $75 million deal with the Phillies on Sunday after a few weeks of talks with the team. It took a while, seeing as it is March 13 and the season begins in two and a half weeks, but Arrieta is ready to get right into it. Not only to pitch, but to win with the Phillies.

His agent Scott Boras was present during the introduction presser, who was able to get his client $25+ million per year for the first two years of his deal.

Arrieta has an opt-out option after 2019 and the deal also includes two club options in 2021 and 2022. While the Phillies have not been contending over the past six years, and while they are in the middle of rebuilding, they feel like they can go out and win as well in 2018.

Moving to Philly

Arrieta left a very well-written thank you message to the Chicago Cubs and their fans. He spent four and a half seasons there and it was where he re-invented himself. After struggling heavily in Baltimore, Arrieta was traded to the Cubs in 2013.

From 2014-2016 he became a dominant force, winning the 2015 NL Cy Young and winning the World Series in 2016. Overall in Chicago he posted a 2.73 ERA, 1.034 WHIP, 3.16 Fielding Independent Pitching and 793 strikeouts in 128 starts. Last year he struggled with inconsistencies as he posted a 4.16 FIP in 168.1 innings and lost a few ticks on his fastball, but in the end he showed there is still enough talent in him to be effective in the future.

Now a member of the Phillies, he said he has stayed in shape and will be ready for the season. In terms of his outlook of the team, he feels that this is a team that can succeed right now. The team has been rebuilding the past few years with young prospects but has begun to sign veterans so they can start being competitive while developing young players.

"A rebuild doesn't mean you can't win now." Arrieta said his first presser as a Philly. "The young players that this organization possesses with a couple of key additions, there's no reason this organization can't get back to the winning way they had several years ago -- I intend to come in here and win right away."

Hope in Philly?

Last year the Phillies had a respectable second half after a miserable first half. The showing of some of the young players has given fans some hope. Not only did they add Arrieta, but also ex-Indians slugger Carlos Santana. The NL East the last two years was won handily by the Washington Nationals, who are still the heavy favorites.

While the Nationals will still probably win the division, the rest is pretty weak. The Mets can be good but they can never stay healthy, the Braves are mediocre even with Freddie Freeman and some good prospects, and the Marlins will not be anywhere near contention. This can give the Phillies a chance to make some noise. Can they stay in a wild card race? It may be possible, but the near future of the Phillies looks a bit brighter now.