LeBron James is making another Big Decision when it comes to his NBA career. Of course, most Cleveland Cavaliers fans remember the official Decision where LeBron had a giant ESPN special to announce that he was leaving the Cavs and heading to the Miami Heat. It was a monster ratings ploy and something that seemed to rub his Decision in the faces of Cleveland basketball fans. When James chose to return to the Cavaliers after four years in Miami, it was with less fanfare but was a huge moment nonetheless. Now, after four seasons back in Cleveland, it is time for LeBron to make another Decision.

Here are the four teams that LeBron James is considering joining this summer.

Los Angeles Lakers

The first team is no surprise to anyone. As soon as the 2017-18 NBA season started, NBA rumors flooded in saying that LeBron James wanted to join the Los Angeles Lakers. James has a home in Los Angeles and wants to relocate there. He has acting aspirations, and while the Los Angeles Clippers tried to free up some room to sign him, the word is that LeBron does not want to play for the Clippers.

The Lakers even cleared room to afford to sign James by trading players to the Cleveland Cavaliers, of all teams. Will LeBron sign with the Lakers? They are still the frontrunner.

Houston Rockets

How could LeBron James and James Harden co-exist?

Honestly, they could be perfect together and that is why the Houston Rockets are on the LeBron James shortlist. Chris Paul is there and is still playing well and Harden, as a shooting guard, could be the Kyrie Irving for LeBron James to feed off. There might not be enough points to go around, but take one look at Kevin Durant and Steph Curry with the Golden State Warriors to see how it could work.

The Rockets could surpass the Warriors easily with LeBron.

Philadelphia 76ers

When LeBron James joined the Miami Heat, they took over the Eastern Conference. When James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they took over the Eastern Conference. If LeBron joined the Philadelphia 76ers, it is easy to see them taking over as well.

These 76ers are far removed from the team that tanked every year to build their current lineup. Imagine LeBron joining Joel Embid, Ben Simmons and JJ Redick. This could be the best team James ever played for.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The final of the four teams on LeBron James shortlist is the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs went young at the NBA trade deadline and LeBron is smiling for the first time this season. If the Cavs heat up and start to excite James once again, don't think that he wouldn't stick around for at least one more season.