The NFL offseason is in full swing. While we are only slightly removed from the Philadelphia Eagles' shocking upset over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, many know that this is the time of the year when next year's champions are formed.

Repeating as champions is incredibly difficult and only a few teams have accomplished this. In the salary cap era, it is nearly impossible to keep a championship team together as most everyone looks to cash in on the once in a lifetime payday for their respective careers.

That said, some big names will be on the move over the next few months before the draft ushers in the next wave of young talent to the league.

Kirk Cousins

The top free agent of any position, quarterback Kirk Cousins will have no shortage of suitors when he hits the market. That is, if he hits the market. Recent reports state that the Washington Redskins might franchise him again in hopes of landing a return via trade. It is a risky maneuver, one that could derail the planned trade for Alex Smith. If the team does pull off this move, one can only assume it is simply to hurt Cousins' chances on the free agent market.

Should he get to choose where he plays next season, Denver looks like the front-runner. The New York Jets also have plenty of cap room and could field a competitive offer. It is also worth noting that Denver may cut Emmanuel Sanders, DeMaryius Thomas, or both.

That would drastically change how Cousins looks at the team as a possible destination.

Richard Sherman

Though not a free agent, many believe that cornerback Richard Sherman's days in Seattle are numbered. Clashes with coaches, injuries and a decline in performance have made Sherman a possible trade candidate.

The market for Sherman is tricky, as teams could make an offer for him but none have said so publicly.

The New England Patriots have been the most talked about landing spot should Seattle trade Sherman. He would make for a solid replacement for the departing Malcom Butler and revitalize the strong secondary.

Nick Foles

The only thing more unbelievable than Nick Foles' Superbowl MVP performance against the Patriots, is the fact that if he is still in Philadelphia next season, he will return as the backup.

There is no denying that Carson Wentz is the future, but the Eagles would be wise to maximize Foles' current value as opposed to retaining him as the insurance policy that helped win this year's title.

Philadelphia knows that they have a valuable trade chip in Foles. The current ask is at least two first round draft picks, which, when you look at some of the draft day trades teams have made to move up and draft a quarterback, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Foles is likely to be starting next season, just not in Philadelphia. Expect him to get moved on draft day to a team that missed out on drafting their guy.

Andrew Luck

When Josh McDaniels backed out of becoming the new coach for the Indianapolis Colts, it more than raised eyebrows.

McDaniels' own agent fired him for backing out at the last minute, while the Patriots gave him a hefty raise to stay on as offensive coordinator.

What hasn't been mentioned is the rehab progress for franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. Some within the organization said he has hit another setback in his shoulder rehab and now surgery may be in his future. If that were to happen, he will more than likely miss the 2018 season.

If McDaniels caught wind of that and it influenced his decision to back out, it'd be hard to blame him. A new coach usually has a short window, 2-3 years max, to turn a team around before they too get fired. Without Luck, it is going to be another disaster year in Indianapolis.