Just a few weeks ago, Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers were on top of the world. They had an upcoming home game against the New England Patriots that would likely determine home field advantage throughout the playoffs. After several trips to Foxboro in January that ended in losses, winning that game would be huge for Pittsburgh's Super Bowl chances.

They ended up losing the game and finished 2nd in the AFC. Not a total failure, but it meant the road to the Super Bowl would be going through New England.

Many pundits expected a Pittsburgh vs.

New England rematch for the AFC championship. Tomlin even proclaimed it before their first meeting when he said that this was just round one. He set the tone that trickled down to the players as they too began chirping about playing New England in the playoffs.

The only problem, they needed to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars to reach the AFC championship. After losing 30-9 to Jacksonville in week 5, there was no way they could overlook their opponent at such a crucial time of the year.

Then Le'Veon Bell dropped this tweet the night before the game and after New England secured their spot in the AFC championship.

The rest is history as Jacksonville pulled off a stunning upset 45-42, thanks in part to some very questionable coaching calls from Tomlin.

There's a culture problem

The tone and attitude of a team, their whole identity, starts at the top. How the coach treats the media and how he conducts himself is a reflection of the organization. It is also a sign to the players on what they should view as important and how they too should behave.

You would never hear New England Patriots Bill Belichick talking about playing a team down the road while overlooking the opponents that come first.

He has always lived in the here and now, forgetting what just happened and focusing on the next task at hand. That type of stoic leadership permeates through New England as no player strays from the norm when it comes to game preparation and respecting your opponent.

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell proclaimed that they would be playing the Patriots as soon as the playoff field was announced.

Le'Veon Bell spoke of rematches on back to back weeks. Offensive coordinator Todd Haley was involved in a barroom fight.

All of these incidents happened during Pittsburgh's bye week when they were supposed to be preparing to play Jacksonville.

Jaguars players were truthful after the upset when they described how being overlooked motivated them to prove their week 5 win was no fluke.

Who would replace Tomlin?

It is way too early to say who should be Pittsburgh's next coach if Tomlin is let go. What is certain that a culture change is needed within the locker room.

The type of boisterous behavior that Steelers players have been known for needs to end. Players putting themselves and their contracts or playing time ahead of the team goes all the back to the preseason.

Martavius Bryant was more than vocal about his dissatisfaction with his role as he lost snaps to rook Ju-Ju Smith Schuster.

Until there is more stable leadership to keep the focus where it belongs, Pittsburgh will continue to be nothing more than a collection of great talent with no team chemistry.