With the offseason vastly approaching, the LeBron James rumors are heating up more than before. After playing the All-Star game in Los Angeles, Laker fans got to see James and Paul George on the same team, and they looked good together, which has sparked rumors even more.

James would love nothing more than playing under the bright lights of L.A., but the Cleveland Cavaliers most recently increased their chances of keeping him after making major trade deadline moves and succeeding.

The Houston Rockets would also make a strong bidding for LeBron because they have James Harden and Chris Paul in their arsenal, making them an intriguing destination.

However, there will be a handful of other teams that will likely pursue James, such as the Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors, and New York Knicks. There is also another team that may be in the running.

LeBron James is being recruited by big-time star

In Milwaukee, the Bucks may also position themselves to land James. In fact, Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo has the effort to recruit the two-time champion.

When asked, again, who he would pick for his All-Star team, Antetokounmpo said, “I would pick LeBron. I want to have a good relationship with him before his free agency. You get it? I want him to come and play next year for the Bucks. To come here in Milwaukee, in the cold.”

The Greek Freak believes that it would be easier to score and rebound with a guy like James on his team.

He knows that James would change the level of play for his teammates and take the Bucks further in the playoffs.

Tampering with LeBron could be costly

The Lakers were most recently fined $50,000 for tampering because of comments Magic Johnson made about Antetokounmpo. Taking Giannis’ comments into consideration, he may be fined for tampering, as he is clearly stating that he wants James to join him.

James’ free agency is going to be the biggest of the offseason. Once again, he could be the one who dictates the rest of the free agents. A few years ago, James iced the offseason because everyone was waiting for his decision.

James and Antetokounmpo could be an intriguing combination, but other teams could have more leverage.

Milwaukee is a small market team but does have a lot of young talent. However, they will have to make an incredible pitch to LeBron, as teams like the Rockets, Lakers, Warriors, and Sixers will make a strong impression on the four-time MVP.