The news broke today that LeBron James is considering reaching out and talking to the Golden State Warriors when he becomes a free agent this summer. The idea straight up is troubling because LeBron has always been careful about his legacy and joining a team like the Warriors is the actually worse than Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Warriors after the Thunder fell to them in the playoffs the year before. LeBron has beaten the Warriors with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and joining them would just seem an attempt to make things even easier for himself and the Warriors down the line.

Speaking of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors superstar has an opinion of the current LeBron James to Golden State news.

Kevin Durant speaks his opinion

Reporters asked Kevin Durant about what the first thing that went through his mind was when LeBron James was considering joining the Golden State Warriors, Durant simply said his first thought was "bullsh*t." Durant then went on to explain that anything can happen today in the NBA and people at one time thought him joining the Warriors was also unlikely.

Durant did admit that he wants to just think about basketball and playing but that there is also the business side of things and that he knows that is just as important now. Durant said that crazy things have happened since he joined the league, and in the future, there will be even crazier things that happen.

He just wants fans to enjoy the game.

The future of the NBA

The problem is that considering a future in the NBA where LeBron James, Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant are on the same team will be lots of fun for fans of the Golden State Warriors, but how much fun will that be for other NBA teams around the league?

The NBA is already changing where teams like the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder are trying to make their own super teams just to compete. If other NBA teams have no chance since the three best players in the NBA are all on the same team, the competitive balance is gone and the NBA is less fun for fans outside of California.

Of course, the chance of LeBron James signing with the Golden State Warriors is slim and would likely require the Warriors to decimate their bench and eliminate another superstar to make room for his contract. A more likely scenario is for LeBron to do what he did in Miami, and then back in Cleveland, and set up his own super team somewhere other than the Cleveland Cavaliers to chase the Warriors.