Roger Federer writes history again. The last 14 months have been a surreal journey for the Swiss representative. Returning to professional tennis after a career-threatening knee injury followed by arthroscopic surgery, Federer went on to win three out of the last five tennis Grand Slams. Moreover, he won three Masters 1000 events and solved Rafael Nadal's riddle scoring four consecutive wins over his biggest rival.

The current season saw Roger Federer and his fairytale run with no signs of a stop as he successfully defended the Aussie crown while edging Marin Cilic in the final.

Now, the ATP 500 event in Rotterdam witnessed history being made as Federer reached the semis and will surpass Rafael Nadal on Monday when the ranking will be updated.

Roger Federer uncovering a mesmerizing tunnel through time

For a better understanding of Roger Federer's greatness, we must go back in time. It was the season of 2004, and a young Swiss Tennis star had just won the 2004 Australian Open after a final with Marat Safin. Clinching the Aussie title also put him on top of the ranking for the first time. That moment marks the starting point of Federer's dominance over the men's tennis. More than fourteen years later, a sizeable crowd at an indoor event in Rotterdam witnessed Federer returning back from exile as he clinched the summit for the fourth time.

With less than two months elapsed out of 2018 season, it's hard to predict how things will unfold next. What's certain is that Roger Federer is holding the headlines with his tremendous achievements and he is entitled to do so.

Maybe not this year, but the cast will finally break

Roger Federer will turn 37 years of age in August, and whether we like it or not, the debate about the date of his inevitable retirement is still somewhere in the background.

The greatest tennis player of all times will have his retirement party at a time of his own choosing.

Given the current trend, it seems like Federer has few gallons left in his tank. Therefore, 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is no longer a wild bet. After being forced to skip the Olympics in Rio, the hope for a gold medal in singles may have shrunk.

Now, it might seem like a perfect way to part ways with professional tennis. The summer of 2020 may give just that as, by that time, Federer will be almost 39 years old.

A potential run for glory at Tokyo has a good chance to become the stage where Roger Federer will make his final statement.