The Cleveland Cavaliers have not had the season they were hoping for after 52 games into 2017-18. Sitting third in the Eastern Conference with 30 wins and 22 losses isn't the worst situation to be in, but for the 3-time defending Eastern Conference champions, it is not a place they want to be. As they continue to struggle on the court, the Cavaliers organisation will be looking to make moves off the court, especially while the King is still a member of The Land.

After losing NBA superstar and Cleveland icon Kyrie Irving in the offseason, the Cavaliers were hoping the void would be filled with all-star Isaiah Thomas and the addition of Jae Crowder.

But that has yet to be shown. Even with Isaiah returning a month ago, he has yet to play to his full potential and with the trade deadline approaching, the Cavs are considering trading him.

Kemba and Dwight to Cleveland?

One of the most recent trade ideas that Cleveland has explored is finding a way to acquire star center Dwight Howard to close the interior defense void, and also targeting their star point guard too. Kemba Walker is one of the best point guards in the league, and some believe he can do a better job of filling Kyrie Irving's role than Isaiah Thomas can.

Isaiah has averaged 15.2 points, 4.1 assists, and 2.1 rebounds in 13 games since returning from his injury. Obviously, these numbers aren't mindblowing after his spectacular season last year with Boston averaging a league 2nd-best 28.9 points per game and leading the league in fourth-quarter scoring.

But many believe it's not just his injury holding him back, but the Cavs system doesn't suit his playing style, and a guy like Kemba Walker can fit the role better. And with the chance to also acquire multiple time all-star and defensive player of the year in Dwight Howard, the Cavs could make a very good change to their team with this trade idea.

How can they excel?

The Kemba Walker and Dwight Howard pick and roll is one of the best in the league, and combining that with LeBron James and the Cavs combination of shooting and athleticism on the wings could spell trouble for opponents. The likely players that the Cavaliers would have to give up in the trade for Howard and Walker would be Isaiah Thomas, Tristan Thompson, J.R.

Smith and possibly Kevin Love, not all these players but possibly two of them with an addition of a draft pick.

This trade may be in the works, but it may not happen as the trade deadline approaching and the Cavs have yet to make any huge announcements, but if it happens it's bound to have a profound effect on the league.