With the Buffalo Bills possibly moving on from quarterback Tyrod Taylor, news of Alex Smith recently being traded to the Washington Redskins and inking a four-year contract makes Buffalo’s situation even more complicated. Sports analysts and fans speculated that maybe Smith would sign a one-year contract with the Bills. That option is now off the table. The Smith trade also leaves the future of Kirk Cousins up in the air. Reports by NFL.com provided most of the information used in this article.

Alex Smith was killing time in Kansas City

With the Kansas City Chiefs drafting of Patrick Mahomes last season, the writing was on the wall for Alex Smith to be playing his last season for the Chiefs.

However, nobody expected the trade to happen during Super Bowl LII week. Smith put up good stats this season with over 4,000 yards passing and 27 touchdowns, as stated on NFL.com. His low interception number of five is one of Smith’s strengths. However, the Chiefs have lost a slew of home playoff games over the years and blew an 18-point lead to the Tennessee Titans in this year’s Wild Card game.

Despite getting the Chiefs to a winning record, Smith and Kansas City could not seem to advance to the AFC Championship in the postseason. Yet, Smith lit up the New England Patriots in Week 1 with over 400 yards passing. Perhaps Smith can help turn around a Redskins franchise that has been mediocre under Cousins.

The team’s best record under Cousins has been 9-7.

Cousins says money is not primary aim

With Kirk Cousins recently saying that a new contract is not all about the money, as stated on CBS News, a trade for Cousins seems to be in the works. For the past two seasons, Cousins has been playing under the franchise tag. Cousins’ landing spot is unknown.

Perhaps he signs with the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns, or the Buffalo Bills.

In terms of touchdowns, Cousins has thrown 81 touchdowns in three years, versus Tyrod Taylor’s 51 touchdowns. However, Taylor only has 16 interceptions during his time with Buffalo. Cousins has tossed 37 picks. When comparing yards, Cousins has double the passing yards of Taylor, as stated by Pro Football Focus.

It is possible that Buffalo is not interested in Cousins. They may keep Taylor on board, as the team works hard to reach for a quarterback in the 2018 draft, such as Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen. The Bills, who just hired Brian Daboll for their new offensive coordinator, may also choose to work with Nathan Peterman as their starter. Regardless of who Buffalo decides is their starter for 2018, Alex Smith will not be part of the equation.