When NBA trade rumors centered on DeAndre Jordan broke out, the Cleveland Cavaliers were immediately considered as favorites to land the All-Star center. Until now, Cleveland is still viewed as a top potential destination for Jordan if ever the Los Angeles Clippers decide to part ways with him via trade.

However, the possibility that DeAndre Jordan will don a Cavaliers jersey this 2017-18 NBA season is beginning to diminish.

The reason for this is an asset the Cavaliers are reportedly unwilling to give up.

According to Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer, the Los Angeles Clippers want the 2018 first-round draft pick (from the Brooklyn Nets) the Cavaliers received when they sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics in last year's offseason. But, Pluto mentioned that the Cavs are unwilling to give it up, and this could be hindering the accomplishment of a DeAndre Jordan trade. There were talks that the reigning Eastern Conference champions aim to keep the selection in case LeBron James abandons them after the 2017-18 NBA season.

Clippers' resurgence

Aside from the Cleveland Cavaliers' intention to keep the pick, there is another possible reason why a DeAndre Jordan trade will not materialize ahead of the deadline this 2018.

In November of 2017, the Clippers struggled (mainly because of injuries) and dropped nine consecutive outings that gave them a 5-11 record to start their campaign. The losing streak led to Jordan getting dragged into NBA trade rumors.

Since then, the Clippers have recovered a bit and went 12-10. Lob City currently holds the ninth spot in the Western Conference standings at 17-21.

They are just two games away from the 19-19 New Orleans Pelicans who are eighth in the West. From the looks of it, the Clippers have returned into playoff contention. Due to this, instead of dealing Jordan to the Cavaliers and rebuilding, they might hold on to him now that they have a shot of reaching the postseason. The franchise has been to the playoffs in the previous six seasons.

Unfortunately, the Clippers are yet to make it past the second round and compete for a conference title.

Future remains uncertain

With the way things are going, it is likely that DeAndre Jordan will finish the 2017-18 NBA season with the Los Angeles Clippers. Though the NBA trade rumors featuring him, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and several other organizations are expected to continue circulating.