The most prominent name currently involved in NBA trade rumors is DeAndre Jordan. In the past few days, Jordan has been a hot topic in speculations with the Los Angeles Clippers struggling, ESPN report.

There were a few teams favored to land DeAndre Jordan once the Clippers officially place him on the NBA trade block. Among them are the reigning Eastern Conference champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. A suggested deal sees the Cavs sending Tristan Thompson to Lob City in exchange for Jordan.

Despite looking like frontrunners, the Cavaliers should still focus if they are serious about acquiring Jordan from the Clippers.

Once they become complacent, a team might swoop in and suddenly take the 29-year-old big man. There are several organizations in the league in need of a center, and one of them is the Phoenix Suns.

At the moment, the Phoenix Suns are relying on Alex Len and Greg Monroe at center, with Tyson Chandler hurt. At first glance, it seems that the Suns are all good with their No. 5 position, but that is not the case. ESPN mentioned in its report that the three might just be "short-term solutions" for Phoenix. Len and Monroe could be gone by the end of the season, while Chandler is believed to be available on the market. That is the reason why the Suns might pursue an NBA trade to add Jordan. The Clippers center can act as the long-term answer to their woes at the center position.

The Suns have the tools to compete in the NBA. What is left for them to address is the absence of one more star player that will help Devin Booker carry the franchise back to playoff contention. Jordan has the potential to be that guy.

Back on track

Stepping away from NBA trade rumors, DeAndre Jordan and the Los Angeles Clippers are back on track.

After suffering nine consecutive defeats, Jordan and the Clippers have won back-to-back outings. On November 22, they dominated the Atlanta Hawks on the road, 116-103.

On November 25, Jordan and the Clippers edged the Sacramento Kings, also on the road, 97-95. Lob City's record improved to 7-11 following the recent victories.

The team has the 10th spot in the Western Conference standings.


DeAndre Jordan must disregard NBA trade rumors if he aims to help the Los Angeles Clippers regain the dominance they had during the start of the season. On November 27, Jordan and the Clippers will have a rematch with the Los Angeles Lakers who they beat on opening night, 108-92.