Lesean Mccoy plays his heart out every game for the Buffalo Bills. Without McCoy, Buffalo probably would not have made it into the post-season and broken the 17-year playoff drought. After the 10-3 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, McCoy expressed his frustration over the defeat, which ended the Bills’ 2017 season. McCoy racked up over 100 yards rushing and receiving yesterday, despite his injured ankle. Some guys on the team are pulling their weight offensively, while other teammates are not rising to the challenge. Here is what McCoy had to say about the game.

McCoy vents about Bills blowing the Wildcard game

McCoy was interviewed after the game and expressed his thoughts on what went wrong for the team. Said McCoy, as posted on the Buffalo Bills website, “Everybody has a job, and we gotta do our job and make plays, and we didn’t do that.

What McCoy is saying is valid. Offensive plays were scarce for the Bills. Players also committed several mental errors, such as dropped passes by Zay Jones and Nick O’Leary. Charles Clay stepped out of bounds and came back in to catch a pass, which was nullified. Deonte Thompson canceled out a long McCoy run with a penalty. A first and goal play for Buffalo ended up with Kelvin Benjamin getting a pass interference call that pushed the Bills 10 yards back.

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor did not do much to help the offense get back on track. He missed wide open receivers and looked uncomfortable for much of the game. Jacksonville also limited the use of his legs, Taylor’s strength, and held him to just 27 yards rushing. It has been tough for Buffalo’s wide receivers to get separation and when they did, Taylor sometimes missed them.

McCoy thought that Buffalo had the Jaguars on the ropes, “They were tired. We were running the ball at them.” When asked how much of a building block the game was for the team, McCoy showed his competitive nature: “I don’t care about the building block. I live now in the moment and the moment is that we could have won this game.” Shady said that he was very disappointed that the team let the fans down and did not get a win for them.

Chris Brown has sympathy for Shady

Sports analyst Chris Brown spoke about McCoy on WGR’s "John Murphy Show" this afternoon. Brown stated that he felt sympathy for Shady. He works hard for the team and often does not get the offensive help he needs in the air. Said Brown, “All he needs is complementary football in the passing game, and he can’t get it.”

The Bills’ final passing statistics for the game had McCoy at the top of the list with 44 yards. The rest of the Bills’ wide receivers and tight ends when combined, barely broke 100 yards receiving. Shady needs some help around him in 2018. Hopefully the Bills have their eye on some wide receivers that they can draft this year to build a good team around McCoy. LeSean McCoy deserves it.