If it wasn’t for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton throwing a touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd to beat the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday, the Buffalo Bills would be out of the NFL playoffs. Dalton’s 49-yard throw put Buffalo into the post-season for the first time in 17 years, and Bills’ fans could not be more grateful. Many Buffalo fans have made $17 donations to the Andy Dalton Foundation. The $17 donation represents the team’s 17-year playoff drought that ended this past weekend. Dalton and his wife Jordan discussed Buffalo fans’ extreme generosity on the Tuesday edition of “CBS Nightly News.”

The Daltons were surprised by huge donations

Despite Cincinnati beating Buffalo 20-16 in Week 5, Bills fans love Andy Dalton for helping them advance into the playoffs as an AFC Wildcard.

The team did their part by defeating the Miami Dolphins earlier in the day. What started as a few Buffalo fans donating $17 has generated a snowball effect.

According to Dalton, as stated on “CBS Nightly News,” the city has raised more than $170,000 in the last two days for his charity. When asked how surprised he was by the large amount of money donated by Bills fans, the Cincinnati quarterback expressed his gratitude for the “whole different fan base that is donating to our foundation.”

Dalton’s spouse Jordan was amazed by Buffalo’s charity and said, “I think I’m pretty emotional.” Expressing that there are so many kids that can be helped, Jordan said that she is humbled and that “We can do so much with that money.”

A charity that is worth supporting

The mission of the Andy Dalton Foundation, as listed on its website, is to “provide daily support, opportunities, resources and life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families in Cincinnati and Fort Worth.” The foundation hosts many events for sick and disabled children and their families, such as “King for a Day,” where families can have fun at Kings Island Theme Park for free.

The foundation also provides funds for parents to enjoy a dinner date, while their kids are entertained with fun events. In addition to this, the organization pays for medical equipment for kids who need it and provides Christmas presents for children in hospitals in Cincinnati.

As the Buffalo Bills prepare to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday, Bills fans are sure to continue giving money to the Andy Dalton Foundation. Known as the “City of Good Neighbors,” Buffalo has shown that it is more than just a city that supports its football team.