LeBron James managed to reach a score of 30,000 points in the Cleveland Cavaliers losing game against San Antonia Spurs, Tuesday, January 23. King James is now the youngest player to achieve 30,000 points in the NBA, but a lot of people, instead of congratulating him, threw shade at him onTwitter.

Some of the anger may be directed at LeBron as the Cavaliers have had an iffy season so far and have lost strings of games. In fact, the Spurs match might have been the final straw for many Cavs fans, as the team had a meeting to iron out issues earlier in the week.

Then, they went into a game against Spurs who were missing vital players, including "Kawhi Leonard, center Pau Gasol and key role players Manu Ginobili and Rudy Gay," Cleveland.com reported.

LeBron James talks his milestone after humiliating loss to Spurs

What should have been an easy game for the reigning Eastern Conference champions, was a humiliating defeat. Nevertheless, after the game, the press did talk to LeBron James about achieving a new milestone when he bested Kobe Bryant's record point scoring.

Cleveland.com quoted James as saying, "Just a special moment. I just started thinking about everything. My journey from being a kid who first picked up a basketball when I was 5 years old to first playing organized basketball when I was 9 all the way up to this point."

He went on to say that he gives "a lot of thanks" to other folks who helped him along the way and that for him it is a "special moment.

He said it was not something that he actually "set out to do."

Over on Twitter, his milestone achievement quickly made it to the top NBA News

NBA on TNT posted up LeBron talking his achievement, on Twitter. It was an incredible achievement, after all, but many NBA fans were not happy with LeBron and threw shade at the 'King.'

One Twitter user reacted by posting, "He’s good cause he stayed in the east his whole career when for the past 10 years they’ve had *ss teams lol."

Another also slammed LeBron, writing, "How you did????

You ball hogged and travelled at least half this points in your few years in the league!"

Yet another tweeter also threw shade, posting, "Now that’s A LOT of POINTS For Someone Who Supposedly doesn’t care about scoring First.


Then there were those who did not take their anger out on LeBron James but on coach Tyronn Lue. "Can we finally get rid of ty lue... we don't even run any plays. Like that makes no sense. I can't even express my anger with this team."