The Cleveland Cavaliers have had many ups and downs this season, but they are hoping they will bounce back and become a serious championship contender. The team started the season winning only five of their first 12 games, which was devastating. Fortunately, the Cavs managed to improve their record by winning 13 straight games, but they are struggling again.

At the moment, the Cavaliers are on a four-game Losing Streak, which is the third-longest losing streak in the league right now. Only the Orlando Magic and the Sacramento Kings have lost more games in a row, but considering how bad the Cavaliers have looked lately, it won't be surprising if their streak continues.

In addition, Cleveland is only 2-8 in the last 10 games, and only the Magic have performed worse.

Losing can definitely negatively impact players' confidence, and that is exactly what's happening with the Cavaliers right now. According to the latest report, some important players doubt that the team is capable of winning a championship.

Low confidence

According to's Dave McMenamin, "several prominent players" told ESPN, and The Athletic, that patience may not be enough to get the Cavaliers back to being title contenders. Losing four games in a row and two out of the last 10 can easily destroy confidence, and it appears that is what Cleveland players are dealing with right now.

What makes their losing streak even worse is the fact that they were blown out in so many games. They allowed the Toronto Raptors to blow them out by 34 points, while the Minnesota Timberwolves beat Cleveland by 28. If it wasn't for a four-point victory over the Magic, one of the worst teams in the NBA right now, the Cavaliers would have been on a six-game losing streak.

Isaiah Thomas' return from injury hasn't been able to help the Cavaliers with their confidence. As a matter of fact, the team has been only 2-5 since Thomas' return.

Something has to change

The Cavaliers play their next game against the Magic and they are expected to snap their losing streak. However, even if they win their next 10 games, it may not be enough for them to regain confidence.

The team has been very inconsistent this season, and that has been the biggest problem.

While the Cavs are struggling, the Golden State Warriors are looking better than ever. If these two teams meet in the NBA Finals again, Cleveland will stand no chance. The team will have to make a few changes before it's too late, so we can expect to see some big trades before the trade deadline.