The NBA trading season is down to its final five weeks. During this stretch, negotiations are beginning to gain more steam as contenders look to address their roster needs heading into the crucial half of the season.

Of course, the number of potential ‘trade candidates’ significantly increases at this period of the year. Players who were previously thought ‘off the table’ are now starting to become fixtures in daily trade rumor chatters. In the end, that’s the nature of the business in the NBA when it comes to trade. No one is really untouchable.

The second edition of the trade meter will zero in on players who just changed addresses this offseason. Avery Bradley and Tyreke Evans are having an excellent statistical year with their new teams, while George Hill is now assuming the role of a leader for the young Sacramento Kings. All of these players are important pieces on their current teams, but that status quo could change in the coming weeks with the Feb.8 deadline just around the corner.

Avery Bradley

Again, Bradley is having a strong year in an expanded role with the Detroit Pistons.

The two-way wingman was averaging 15.7 points on 42 percent FG shooting - including 41 percent from 3-point area – before missing the last seven games with a groin injury. He appears to be an immovable piece for Pistons head coach and GM Stan Van Gundy, who really likes what the swingman brings on both ends of the floor. However, Bradley’s contract situation could factor into his availability at the trade deadline, according to NBA scribe Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

“Bradley is only making $8.8 million this season and becomes an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. It’s hard to see the Pistons wanting to move Bradley if they remain in the postseason chase. But if this season craters, they might have to pull the trigger,” Ellis stressed.

Verdict: As what Ellis stated, Bradley’s availability will hinge on the Pistons record in the first week of February.

So far, Detroit is in position to clinch a home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. It would be surprising to see Van Gundy trading one of his major playmakers halfway into the season, regardless of his pending free agency. It’s yellow alert for now.

Tyreke Evans

Tyreke is reborn at last. The former Rookie of the Year is putting up the best basketball of his career, averaging 19.6 points on 47 percent FG shooting with 5.1 rebounds and 4.6 assists in 30 minutes per game. The bad news is he’s playing on a really bad Grizzlies team. ESPN’s Marc J. Spears and Hoopsyhpe insider Alex Kennedy had a chance to talk about the rumors hovering in Memphis, particularly the report about the potential availability of Tyreke Evans and Mike Conley and center Marc Gasol.

They feel there's actually a market for Evans given his current form.

Verdict: Evans is the easiest to move of the three players because of his cheap contract ($3.2 million bi-annual exceptions), and his trade value is at an all-time high. Memphis could use him to dump bad contracts like Chandler Parsons or package him with a disgruntled player like Gasol to get a better trade haul, though Evans alone could command at least a first-round pick. It’s going to be an interesting trade deadline for the Grizz, and Evans is a player who is drawing serious attention from several teams, especially contenders.

It’s a yellow alert for now, but Evans’ situation is certainly worth monitoring.

George Hill

Hill leveraged his strong 2016-17 season with the Utah Jazz to get a three-year, $57 million deal with the Sacramento Kings. While Hill’s numbers (10.1 points on 45 percent FG shooting) take a drop-off this season, his leadership has been vital for this young Sacramento squad with rookie De’Aaron Fox and Frank Mason III looking up to him as a mentor. However, the Kings are in a tanking mode once again. Many insiders feel Hill is an odd fit in Sacramento, and that’s the reason why the veteran guard could bob out as potential trade candidate at the deadline.

Verdict: The Kings actually signed three veterans (Hill, Vince Carter and Zach Randolph) to serve as locker room leaders for their younglings.

Still, that won’t rule out trades involving these vets since the Kings are also in an assets-collecting mode. In fact, Randolph is another Kings vet that really intrigues multiple teams. However, Hill might already have a possible buyer in the Detroit Pistons. Stan Van Gundy has been shopping Reggie Jackson for quite some time. They feel the guard lack the maturity to thrive in pressure-packed moments. Hill, while a lot less explosive than Jackson, is a battle-tested playoff performer, which is something the Pistons need right now as they prepare for the second half grind. It's an orange alert.