Baker Mayfield, to this point of his young career, is by far one of the most talked about and, to some, a controversial figure in college sports. There is really no in-between on where you stand when it comes to a person like Mayfield. You either love him or you hate him and he has certainly garnered a lot of hate. Due to his outspoken nature and on-field antics, many people have had their doubts about the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and have oftentimes compared him to NFL bust Johnny Manziel. Despite these antics, he is still a top-notch quarterback who will be heavily sought after in the NFL Draft, especially in a league that has many teams in need of a franchise quarterback.

College career

Mayfield started his career at Texas Tech with the Red Raiders before transferring to Oklahoma. There, he only played eight games until suffering an injury that put him on the bench. Due to poor communication with his coaches, Mayfield decided to transfer. He ended his Texas Tech career with a 5-3 record, throwing for 2315 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions.

Mayfield had an immediate impact in Oklahoma. In his first two seasons, he had a 22-4 record with a Sugar Bowl win over the Auburn Tigers. In 2017, his final season as a Sooner, Mayfield helped propel his team into the playoffs despite coming up short in a game against the Georgia Bulldogs that the Sooners really should have won.

Despite falling short of a National Championship, Mayfield did win the Heisman Trophy after putting up the best stats in his college career.

Mayfield ended his career as a Sooner second in passing yards (12,292) and touchdowns (119) only behind Landry Jones, but with one full year of football in Oklahoma less than Jones. If Mayfield replicated his stats this season, he would surpass Jones as the all-time leading Sooners passer.

Draft stock

There are only three or four big-name quarterbacks coming out of college this season, including Mayfield, but the demand for a franchise quarterback in the NFL is immensely high.

Everyone is always talking about Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen as the first two picks of the NFL Draft, but I think that people are passing up on Mayfield due to his on-field actions.

Sure, these two guys are extremely talented and might end up being chosen above Mayfield in the draft, but the Heisman trophy winner has something more than Darnold and Rosen: passion. Mayfield is by far one of the most passionate players I have seen in the game, whether it be college or pro football. He never cared about the Heisman, he cared about his team and being able to lead them to be National Champions.

Talent-wise, Mayfield is already a top-five quarterback in the draft, but mix that with the passion that he has, then it becomes impossible to pass up on him. He is out of control sometimes, but NFL teams can contain that. College is one thing, but no one is going to get away with those types of antics in the NFL. He might still be outspoken, but they will be able to put a filter on the quarterback.

About half of the teams with the top 15 picks in the draft are in need of a quarterback and some of these destinations can be great for Mayfield to start his career. I believe the Arizona Cardinals would be the best fit with Carson Palmer now retired.

The Denver Broncos could be another landing spot that would essentially put Mayfield in championship contention in his rookie season.

New York could be another home he could end up in whether he could be Eli Manning's successor with the Giants or lead the Jets offense that is in need of a true starter.

The Cleveland Browns may be where he ends up though and I wouldn't be shocked to see the team turn things around with a quarterback like Mayfield under center.

There are still months until the draft, but I know one thing for a fact, and that is that Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback coming out of the 2018 NFL Draft.