Giancarlo Stanton accepted the summonings of Brian Cashman, and the New York Yankees to form what some are calling 'Murders Row 2.0'. An unstoppable offensive lineup that looks to wreak havoc on American League and National League pitchers.

The Twin Towers re-emerge in the Bronx for the 2018 season

Somehow, Brian Cashman pulled off his old post-season magic again in the Bronx, and the baseball world is reeling. The Twin Towers that fell in 2011 seem to have re-emerged among the NY Yankees lineup. The combination of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, mixed in with the strengthening bats of Gregorius, Headley, Sanchez and the rest of the Bronx Bombers, will build upon an already productive offensive onslaught.

Giancarlo Stanton brings his 2017 success with him to the Bronx. A .281 BA, 59 HR's, 168 hits and 132 RBI's makes him one of the biggest stars of last year's baseball season, and definitively the best catch of winter baseball trades. Unlike the Twin Towers built in the 1970's in Manhattan's battery, and melted to the ground on 9-11-01, the Twin Towers in the Bronx look to stand tall like the Freedom Tower which represents unbendable fortitude.

Marlins fans and baseball analysts are angry with Giancarlo Stanton and Marlin's CEO Derek Jeter

Florida Marlins fan Dan Le Batard went on ESPN to play devil's advocate, complaining that new CEO Derek Jeter seems to be setting up his old team, the Yankees, for a free ride to the 2018 World Series.

Fans are complaining that it is not a fair deal for the Miami Marlins and that their tax dollars used to rebuild the team are being wasted by giving away their number one player.

In 2016, Giancarlo Stanton won the Home Run Derby, followed by a convincing win in 2017 by Aaron Judge in which he finished with 11 home runs, including 4 longer than 500 feet, and finished with 1:53 left on the hitting clock.

Stanton replied to criticism from his team and fans by saying, "I worked to be in a winning culture". This doesn't sound like the humble speaking Aaron Judge, but at what time in history did two Twin Towers in the lineup not produce one tower with a bigger personality?

The Bronx's newly established Twin Towers should bring World Series baseball to Yankee Stadium

Giancarlo Stanton will fit right into the number 3 power hitting spot in this possible lineup predicted by New Jersey sportswriter Pete Caldera: Gardner, Gregorius, Stanton, Judge, Sanchez, Bird, Hicks, Torres, and finishing up with Headley in the 9th position. Just about anyone on this Bronx Bomber team can hit 20 plus home runs, including a few hitters that can hit over 30, and 2 big bats that can hit over 50 home runs. Along with an emerging, strong pitching staff, Giancarlo and Judge combined for 111 home runs last year, and a ridiculous amount of RBI's, which should give the Bronx Bombers the team home run title next year, a battle for home run king, and an assured 2018 World Series in the Bronx, where the Twin Towers' foundation has been laid.