One of the biggest focal points of the MLB offseason this year is what will happen to Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Arguably the best power hitter in baseball, Stanton signed a massive extension in 2014 that had him under contract until 2027 (with a 2028 buyout option) and is now being rumored in trade talks. The Marlins are now under new ownership under Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter, and they have made it a goal to slash payroll going into 2018.

Stanton (28) is the team's best asset and will be making an average $28.5 million per year from 2018-2027.

Right now the talks are that the Marlins could trade him for a king's ransom and relieve a lot of salary. While his opt-out options do not begin until 2020, Stanton can control his fate greatly with his no-trade clause. Today a source from the Boston Herald states that he will not accept trades to the Boston Red Sox or St. Louis Cardinals.

The asking price

Stanton last season slugged a career-high 59 home runs and slashed .281/.376/1.007 in 159 games. He has 267 home runs 986 regular season games and is a four-time All-Star in his prime years.

There is no question he is extremely valuable, but his massive contract and Marlins getting a fair return is what makes things very difficult. ESPN's Buster Onley said today that the apparent current asking price for Stanton is "shockingly high."

Seeing what teams have given up for top-veteran talent in recent years, shockingly high has to be a god's ransom.

The Marlins are likely looking to get all sorts of talent from prospects to proven MLB players while slashing a lot of the money. It is not surprising that the asking price is high to start because that is where those talks often start, but a guy with this talent and this contract can make negotiations tough. The Marlins do not want to sell short just as they want to cut payroll seeing as the team is good enough to compete, but not good enough for postseason contention.

No St. Louis or Boston?

The report about him not wanting to accept a trade to the Red Sox or Cardinals really makes trade options narrow. That is if this is indeed the case. The reports seem somewhat conflicting and only time will tell if they are 100% accurate. Right now it seems harder for Stanton to even go to Boston considering they have brought up/traded farm assets the past few years.

The Cardinals have more farm pieces, but they are usually not ones to pour a bunch of money into one guy.

Right now a team that has been liked by Stanton is the San Francisco Giants. A couple of prospects in the Giants system are being discussed in trades linked to Stanton according to's Joe Frisaro. The Giants farm is nothing spectacular, but again the factor of eating salary comes into play.

Right now it is honestly hard to see Stanton being moved. If his contract was not massive and was not coming off a career-year, then it would seem much more plausible to see a deal getting done. Regardless there will be plenty of rumors this winter linked to Giancarlo Stanton's name.