Ladyfest began in the great northwestern city of Olympia, Washington, during a warmer time of year. August 1 to August 6, 2000, Olympia became a destination for women, and anyone actually, to come Celebrate women around the world for seven days and six nights. It was a Woodstock for women. Fast forward 19 years, and one can find a celebration in several areas of the Country, while the main celebration travels the country, and is now represented in other parts of the world, as well.

Binghamton, New York to hold a 2-day Ladyfest at the Cyber Cafe West

Although this is not the main event in America this year, it will be just the second year this has been attempted in the Binghamton area. The most recent main event was Ladyfest Lehigh Valley, for a cold 16 days, January 15 to the 30, 2015 in Pennsylvania. Personally, I'd pick the warmer days for such festivities.

This year, the artsy college town of Binghamton University and SUNY Broome is offering a thrilling and fun two-day celebration, supported by Jeff Steele and his Cyber Cafe West; a popular hangout for the music crowd. This neat, New York City Village style restaurant offers great coffee choices, beer, wine, and a great food selection.

Out front, you can watch the prepare things or take a seat in their couch lounge, or eat in their front dining area. However, out back is where the real fun takes place. You'll find several tables and nice sized stage for anyone to set up on and jam.

The focus of Ladyfest 2018 in Binghamton, says Kevin Kober, is to show off the number of bands with powerful female talent.

He spoke of the fact that most bands we see populating our music venues around Binghamton, and most cities, are male-dominated bands. That's not a bad thing, but for once, with the backing of the Ladyfest experience, the Binghamton organizers want a major focus on the incredible amount of female talent in bands, in the area, as well.

Ladyfest reminds us it is a special time

America is facing a special time in its' history presently. It is like the 1960's have been reborn, and a new age for change has arisen once again. With a reckless leader in our White House, and a Congress that thrives on kickbacks, we, as a country, have delved deep into our subconsciousness as a nation, and begun to weed out the true issues we all face, and we are demanding more from our leaders. One of those wonderful, and great changes occurring is more respect, consideration, and admiration for what women offer the world. We are finally realizing in many areas of the world, that it is women who keep our planet together, and alive.

Binghamton's unofficially affiliated version of Ladyfest takes place April 7th and 8th.

Organized by Kevin Kober, Erin Alexander, Michelle Kessler, Brian Salazar, Kyle Serlington, and Jessica Steele. Your band line up is:

April 7: Womanhoode Coded, Talk Herd, Healer, Bleeders, Prison, Morbs, Lady Bits, Girl Cock, Basick Bitches, Kayla Vole, Jigsaw Youth, Ahead Of Our Heads.

April 8: Sammus, Secret Drum Band, Macaulay Glyn, Dirty Band Aid, Green Dreams, Bear Grass, Mirah, Katani, Poppies.

What's all the fuss about?

Most of us in the Triple Cities area of the Southern Tier of New York already realize the amazing amount of incredible talent this area has to offer. From Opera to Broadway tours, to groups such as SRO Productions III, EPAC, incredible bands and more. There is no doubt that the full slate of talent in this area would produce several incredible female bands, and I am excited to see them all.

I don't plan to miss either day of this fantastic event. Community, growth, acceptance, and an equal future are all beneficial to the survival of mankind. Kevin Kober spoke of awareness, fun, safe atmosphere and a positive vibe. He hopes to foster more communication and create a greater understanding of acceptance and equality with Ladyfest 2018.