The complete tear down and rebuild that has been going on in San Francisco over the past few season is finally starting to turn a corner. Things began looking upward when the team signed John Lynch as their general manager and Kyle Shanahan as their new head coach. All that was missing was a franchise quarterback to start building the team around. They finally found their guy. His name is Jimmy Garoppolo.

Swinging a surprise mid-season trade, Lynch was able to strike a deal with the New England Patriots and acquire Garoppolo for a second round pick.

The heir apparent to Tom Brady was finally going to get his chance to lead a team.

He's got the 'it' factor

Since taking over the starting job from the injured C.J. Beathard, Garoppolo has done nothing but shine in the California sun. Leading the team to three straight wins, with gritty come from behind performances, the kid is quickly winning over fans and the organization. Teammates have been quick to gush over their new quarterback. Several of them have already gone on the record to say just how special he is. If they had a shot at making the playoffs, the confidence in the locker room could've led to quite a run. Next season, they will be a team to look out for.

Is there any chance they don't sign him?

One major reason that Garoppolo was even available to be traded this season is his contract. It expires this season, and, based on his starting performances so far in the league, he is due for a major raise. With the late career phenom that is Tom Brady, it was going to be a problem keeping both on the team after this season.

The money it would take to keep Garoppolo would be ridiculous if he was still backing up Brady.

It would be hard to believe that the 49ers would trade a second round pick for a rental player, especially considering they had no shot of making the playoffs when the trade went down. It is obvious that this move was done with an eye on the future.

The upcoming draft showcases several high end quarterback prospects. Regardless, the 49ers can now focus on other areas of need as they, for all intents and purposes, used their 2nd round pick on a proven quarterback.

The money should be no issue as the team does not have many other star players demanding large salaries. They can afford to back up the Brinks truck to Jimmy's house and make sure he doesn't even consider another team. They may not need to worry, though, as the love is mutual and Garoppolo is thriving in his new situation.