The Cleveland Cavaliers have been playing their best basketball all season as they've pushed forward to a 12-game winning streak and it is just going to get better for the reigning Eastern Conference champs. Star Point Guard Isaiah Thomas is expected to make his debut before the end of 2017, which has fans counting down the days to see how dominant the Cavs could be with another All-star on the court. LeBron James is just as anxious for the debut of his new teammate and he has started scheming the use of his former rival on the court with the help of "NBA 2K18." A report by USA Today provided a lot of the facts for this article.

LeBron and '2K'

I'm sure that it's easy to appreciate a game when they have you ranked as the highest overall player in the league, but the use of "2K" is an interesting tactic for James to use in preparation to Thomas's return.

King James is one of the smartest, if not the smartest player in the NBA right now, so if he sees something in "2K" that he believes can help his team moving forward, then we all need to trust what he's saying. It's not like seven straight NBA Finals appearances is something we get to see from an ordinary player.

I don't know about you, but this makes me think that he obviously knows what he's doing.

It's amazing what this team has been able to accomplish with the injuries that have taken star players like Thomas and center Tristan Thompson on top of the absence of point guard Derrick Rose, who is currently re-evaluating his NBA career which has taken a huge toll on his health.

At full strength, there are only one or two teams that can stack up with the Cavs, so an eighth straight finals appearance may be on the way for the future Hall of Famer LeBron James.

"Looks pretty good," James said when asked how the virtual version of his team looked with Thomas and Thompson back on the court.

What this means for sports gaming

Through the years, games like "NBA 2K" and "Madden," which is the game for the NFL, have advanced to a point of realism that may not have seemed possible a decade or two ago. The more that games like this progress, the more they can be used as a learning tool for young fans who want a better understanding of the game. From personal experience, I am a big fan of "Madden" and it has helped me better understand schemes and game planning used in the NFL. I believe games like this will just become more useful in the future.

It also says a lot about the credibility of games like this if players like LeBron claim that it is realistic. Someone like myself can say whatever we want about a game, but I've never spent time on the court, so having a veteran player to the caliber of James bodes great for the future of these games.

It is also a great point of advertisement having the greatest player in the world back the realism of your game.

Hopefully, James will be able to figure out the right scheme for this team after the return of their two stars that has talent from top to bottom on their roster.