LeBron James is the most analyzed and mentioned professional basketball player and probably athlete in general in the sporting world. So when he scores 30 points or finishes a game with a triple-double or even dunks on another NBA superstar, it is talked about. But one thing that often goes un-talked about when it comes to the most critiqued superstar in the NBA, is his choice of clothing attire that goes along with the Cleveland Cavaliers wine and gold colored jersey and shorts. He was known infamously for wearing a headband, and he did so in the first 11-12 years of his career.

But the last two years, we have seen a headband-less King James, and seeing his struggling patch of hair on his head has become an almost nightly sight for NBA fans, and we have gotten used to it. A report by the Daily Mail provided a lot of the facts for this article.

But although the infamous headband of LeBron James caught a lot of attention, one thing that often goes unnoticed is the King’s decisions to change his sneakers or to remove his leg sleeves.

Three different pairs of shoes, one game

When you are the only player in sports history to receive a lifetime contract from the formable sports clothing company of Nike, you have the right to wear any shoes you want to (from the brand). And that’s exactly what LeBron James did in the Cavaliers' most recent game against the Sacramento Kings.

The King decided to change into three different pairs of his own shoes during the game against Sacramento, starting the game in a black pair of LeBron Soldier 11’s, he then quickly changed into a light grey colored pair of LeBron 15’s. But then as the fourth quarter approached, LeBron, who averages the most fourth-quarter points in the NBA this season, knew he needed to be wearing something special.

He decided to lace up his size-15 feet in a disgusting red and black pair of LeBron Solider 11’s and was able to hit the game-sealing shot in these beauties.

Above are the three pairs the King laced up in during the Cavaliers win over Sacramento.

Whether LeBron wasn’t finding comfort in his shoes, or just wanted to try a few different sneakers, it worked out in his favor. As the Cavs picked up their 13th straight victory, tying a franchise record for consecutive wins.


LeBron is obviously a very superstitious player, as we have seen time and time again over his career. Usually, when things aren’t going well for himself and the team, he will change his shoes at the halftime break. And throughout different stages of the season, you might see the King go through stages of wearing leg sleeves covering his knees and shins, meanwhile, other times he will not wear them. It is all based on winning for LeBron though, if he won a game wearing a green pair of LeBron 15’s, he will be inclined to wear them again in a future game to better his team’s chances theoretically at getting the win.

LeBron’s teammates have also shown signs of superstition, one being Iman Shumpert who used to make rap songs for the team. But after the 2015 NBA Finals when they lost, he decided to stop, and they then went on to win the 2016 NBA championship. He then told Cavs commentator Fred McLeod that he won’t be making any songs in the near future, as the Cavaliers played well without them.