Lonzo Ball entered the NBA this season as one of the most talked about and scrutinized rookies of all time, he was probably the most hyped prospect going into the NBA draft since a guy named LeBron James in 2003. Both these basketball stars can relate to eachother due to the amount of attention they are getting and have gotten so early in their careers. After under 30 games in his career, Lonzo Ball has already received a lot of scrutiny and praise due to the performances he has done on a nightly basis. Some games caused Zo to receive a lot of unwanted attention after underperforming, while in other games the point guard has received a lot of positive attention after huge performances.

LeBron James is certainly someone who can relate to the youngster. And being his idol, LeBron holds a strong position of leadership over the young Lakers point guard. Lonzo Ball looks to LeBron as an icon and a leader despite not being on his team, and that’s something the King knows. So the King made sure to help him, by giving him a few tips.

What LeBron told Lonzo

After the Cleveland Cavaliers picked up the 121-112 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers and won their 10th straight game at the Quicken Loans Arena, LeBron James who had just finished the game with a triple-double confronted the Lakers rookie. Lonzo Ball and King James shared a quick handshake and embraced, but then covered their mouths as the King gave the 20-year old some important tips.

The conversation between the two wasn’t confidential for long though. As confirmed by ESPN, the transcript read as shown below:

“LeBron James: Find your zone and just stay f***g locked in. The media is going to ask you what I told you right now. Tell them nothing. Just be aggressive every single day… it’s white noise. That’s all it is, alright.

Lonzo Ball: “Ight.”

LeBron obviously knows all too well about the influence the media and people can have on a young player, but with all the scrutiny coming Lonzo’s way, LeBron shared some great advice for the kid, and told him to just ignore it.

King James is the perfect man for Lonzo to idolize, and if he locks in like LeBron does throughout the season and especially the playoffs, the sky is the limit for Ball.

Future teammates?

There has been a lot of talk in the media about LeBron James and Lonzo Ball possibly becoming teammates in the near future. With LeBron buying houses in Los Angeles, sending his kids to schools in Los Angeles, going on vacation in Los Angeles, tweeting about Los Angeles Lakers’ players, obviously, the media will use them to assume he is joining LA in 2018. After this season LeBron will be a free agent, and LA is a likely landing spot for the King. But at the end of the day, all of this doesn’t mean LeBron wants to leave Cleveland again. It’s just white noise as LeBron says.