The NBA changed its format for the all-star game this season. They went from having an Eastern Conference team and Western Conference team with a full team of players from the Eastern and Western conference as voted by fans and coaches. Fans would vote for the starters for each team, and coaches around the league would vote for reserves on both teams.

But with each season going by, and more and more players are seemingly snubbed from the all-star team each year, NBA commissioner Adam Silver felt a change was needed to be made. There will no longer be a disconnection between Western and Eastern conference players.

Instead, the teams will be made starting from one captain each.

Those voted starters by the fans, media, and players will be selected first so that they remain starters in the game and then the reserves will be selected by the two captains. The process of selecting the All-Stars remains the same. Starters – two guards and three frontcourt players per conference – will be chosen by a combination of fans (50 percent of the vote), players (25 percent) and media (25 percent). Coaches will select the reserves – two guards, three frontcourt players and two players from any position. The captains will then pick from a pool of 22 players. More details will be released about the format at a later time.

Klay Thompson likes the new all-star format

Klay Thompson is one who enjoys the new all-star format, he has expressed his excitement for the new system and the possibilities of becoming teammates with new players even if it's just for one game. Although Klay plays on one of the most all-star stacked and talented teams in NBA history, he still would not mind playing alongside more talented players, more specifically LeBron James.

After going up against him in the last three Finals, Klay likes the idea of being alongside the King rather than against him, saying: “I mean, it would be fun to play with LeBron just because I’ve always gone against him, and it would be cool to see him like on a teammate aspect.”

The shooting guard also talked about growing up with and spending a lot of his childhood with all-star forward Kevin Love, and spoke about the luxury it would be to be his teammate in the all-star game saying, “I think it would be cool to play with Kevin Love, just because I grew up with that guy since I was eight-years-old.

We haven’t played on the same team since we were kids, to play with him in the All-Star Game would be pretty special.”

Klay would thrive with LeBron

Klay Thompson would thrive playing with LeBron James rather than against LeBron James, due to the passing and facilitating ability of the King. Similar to how Kyle Korver gets so many good looks, LeBron’s ability to attract defenders would be perfect for Thompson, and he would find the sharpshooter wide open for many open shots. The Warriors offense is one of the best in history, and Klay is used to getting good shots, but that same success could happen in a LeBron-led all-star team.

With LeBron being a heavy candidate for all-star captain this season and having the chance to decide who will be on his team, there is a great chance he will pick good friend Kevin Love, and sharpshooter Klay Thompson for his team.