Buffalo’s Brandon Reilly will finally get his shot on the Buffalo Bills’ starting line-up. The team announced yesterday that the wide receiver is being moved off the practice squad. This is a delight for many fans, who were surprised that Reilly did not make the active roster in September. The Bills’ decision to place Jordan Matthews on injured reserve helped Reilly get promoted. Buffalo is right on the edge of making the playoffs. They need to win at least three out of their last four games to sneak into the post-season. Can Reilly help push Buffalo over that playoff hump?

What Reilly brings to the team

If Brandon Reilly does well this week against the Indianapolis Colts, his undrafted free agent story is sure to make his success that much sweeter. The Bills signed Reilly, who played for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, after the 2017 draft ended. The wide receiver showed that he meant business during the pre-season. Reilly snagged 11 receptions for 139 yards, as stated by NFL.com. His best game was against the Baltimore Ravens, where he hauled in 4 catches for 55 yards. Reilly scored one touchdown when he caught an end zone pass from T.J. Yates.

Reilly was a standout during those games. He made some challenging sideline receptions and came down with an incredible jump ball with a defender on him.

His passion and effort made fans fall in love with him. They were disappointed when he only made the practice squad. With the Bills’ stellar cornerback Tre’Davious White out with a concussion from a dirty hit from Rob Gronkowski last week, the Buffalo offense may have to carry the team this week. That is a tough job, as Buffalo only scored a field goal against the New England Patriots and has struggled to make first downs all season.

The Colts need a surprise jolt from Bills

Reilly’s presence could not come at a better time for Buffalo, who face the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday. The Bills currently sit at 6-6. They need to depend on other teams to get into the playoffs. Right now, the Bills are chasing the Baltimore Ravens, who are 7-5 and the sixth seed in the AFC playoff race.

However, the Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field this week, which is a tough match-up. If the Bills beat the Colts and the Ravens lose, Buffalo’s chance of making the playoffs jumps to 25 percent, as stated by the New York Times playoff simulator. If Buffalo loses to the Colts and Baltimore wins, the Bills post-season hopes drop to 2 percent.

Reilly could be that X-factor that gives Buffalo a great receiving option that opposing teams are not prepared to stop. The Colts have one of the worst defenses in the NFL, which makes it easier for Reilly to work his magic.

Welcome to the Bills’ roster Brandon Reilly.