The Buffalo offense against the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday put up a dismal performance. Besides Tyrod Taylor’s touchdown pass to Brandon Tate, who made a remarkable catch in the end zone, the offense left little to be excited about in the Bills’ 20-16 loss. The Bills struggled to run and pass the ball all game. For the second half, Buffalo did not pass the 40- yard mark. They finished the game with only 221 yards, as stated by the Bills Wire. Injuries to Jordan Matthews and Charles Clay do not help scoring chances for Buffalo. The Bills need a wide receiver that can make some plays.

Brandon Reilly, who had a great preseason, deserves to be signed off the Buffalo practice squad and placed onto the roster.

Brandon Reilly: the preseason star

Brandon Reilly was an undrafted free agent that Buffalo picked up after the 2017 draft. The former Nebraska Cornhusker was not expected to make much of an impact. However, Reilly quickly became a fan favorite. He caught 9 passes for over 100 yards during the preseason and even scored a touchdown. Even though he mostly worked with the third team offense, Reilly seemed to have something special. He caught passes when you needed him to step up his game. Fans were disappointed when Reilly did not make the team, but ended up on the Bills practice squad.

Injury bug leaves a big sting

The injury bug has finally bitten the Bills. Wide receiver Jordan Matthews injured his thumb in Week three and Charles Clay had knee surgery this past week. Their return dates are unknown. That leaves Andre Holmes, Kaelin Clay, and Zay Jones as the wide receivers. Jones is not playing as well as expected.

While the receivers could have a breakout game in Week seven, right now, the chances of that are low. Brandon Reilly could help the offense recharge itself. He came down with some great sideline receptions and a jump ball during the preseason.

Coach Sean McDermott has stressed how important field position is for an offense.

The Bills’ defense provided excellent field position for Buffalo when they forced three turnovers during the Bengals game on Sunday. The results were a field goal when the team was on the 12-yard line of Cincinnati, a touchdown, and nothing. Field position does make much of a difference when you have a struggling running game, an inept passing game, and a hesitant quarterback. Getting a good wide receiver such as Reilly can provide the needed spark the offense needs. Buffalo only has 7 touchdowns in the last four games. That will not be enough to advance into the postseason.