Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 24-11 and they have the third-best record in the Eastern Conference. When it comes to the whole league, the Cavaliers rank sixth overall, which is very impressive considering how many injury problems they have dealt with. In addition, they had a couple of long win streaks this season, including the 13-game win streak that helped them climb the standings.

While this team is definitely special, it is questionable whether it can beat the Golden State Warriors. The Cavaliers lost three of their last four games, and their only victory was a close one.

Their next game is against Jazz in Utah, the place where LeBron James hasn't won a game since 2010. There is a good chance that Cleveland closes this year with another loss, but despite the outcome of the next game, it is obvious that something has to be changed.

Blockbuster trade

The Cavaliers have a great starting lineup and a deep bench, and one of their best players is about to come back. Isaiah Thomas, who has yet to make his Cavaliers debut, will most likely return in early January, which is a great news for the team.

However, even with Thomas, the Cavaliers don't look strong enough to win it all. They have too many injury-prone players and some of their players have been underperforming this season.

Tristan Thompson, who is paid $16.4 million this season, is a great example of this. Thompson is averaging career-low numbers in both scoring and rebounding per game with 4.1 and 4.8 respectively.

The Cavaliers would be better off trading Thompson along with other trade assets. The most valuable trade asset would be the 2018 first-round pick the Cavaliers acquired from the Brooklyn Nets.

In addition, Cleveland could also trade Jae Crowder, Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Channing Frye, and others.

Who to trade for?

DeAndre Jordan has been linked to the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, so there is a chance that the team tries to acquire him. Sending Thompson and the first-round pick to the Los Angeles Clippers makes a lot of sense and would most likely benefit both sides.

The Cavaliers would finally get a reliable star center who would make them favorites to win a championship.

Another center the Cavaliers could trade for is Marc Gasol. Gasol is playing on the Memphis Grizzlies and they are one of the worst teams in the league right now. He would get a chance to be on a championship contender while the Grizzlies would get some valuable pieces they can rebuild with.