In recent WWE rumors, three of the WWE women's superstars have seen their personal content hacked and leaked online. The latest superstars with leaked content are not only WWE superstar Paige, again, but also ring announcer Jojo, and "Raw" women's star Mickie James. All three of the WWE personalities or wrestling stars have had recent photos and other Explicit Content leaked online.

What's the story?

Paige and JoJo are two women's stars who have been in the headlines for reasons beyond their wrestling appearances lately. For Paige, its been all about her hiatus from WWE due to her recovery from injury and her rocky relationship with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

In recent news, she was said to be training for a comeback to return to one of the two WWE brands. "SmackDown Live" seems to have the edge.

JoJo, was previously part of the E! reality series "Total Divas." She now works as a ring announcer with WWE and has appeared on "Raw." She was in headlines recently as being the woman that Bray Wyatt had an affair with, as he cheated on his wife. For the most part, she's been quiet about that and hasn't really been mentioned all that much online.

As far as Mickie James goes, the story with her has been all about what's going on with her wrestling career. She recently took on Alexa Bliss for the WWE "Raw" Women's title at the "TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2017" pay-per-view, but came up on the losing side of things.

Leaked photos & chat

A report surfaced online within the past few days from the WWF Old School website. It indicates that all three of these women have had recent photos leaked. The website included "censored" versions of some of the photos of JoJo and Paige. For JoJo, it's the first time she's had nudes revealed online, while Paige previously had her private files hacked months ago and leaked online.

In addition to that, somehow some WhatsApp chat screenshots between Paige and Xavier Woods were also leaked online. The explicit chats seem to show the conversation that Woods and Paige had ahead of the adult video they were reportedly in several months ago.

It's clearly becoming a serious issue for people's privacy in that hackers are able to get into their private files.

With that said, it seems that more secure devices will continue to be a priority. However, there are those fans who will also argue that these sorts of things aren't necessarily hurting careers for WWE stars yet.