The Golden State Warriors have had a rocky start this season, but many still believe they could end up winning their third championship in four years. While the team has seemed work like a well-oiled machine for years now, management is open to trading up its big players should its chemistry fizzle out in the near future. This seems to be the reason why the GSW front office denied Steph Curry a no-trade clause in his blockbuster contract.

Warriors deny Steph Curry a no trade clause

During the off-season, the two-time MVP signed a record-breaking NBA deal with the Warriors.

The five-year extension was worth a whopping $201 million and would allow Curry to lend his services to the team that he led to two NBA championships. However, it seems GSW is still questioning his skills, pulling the plug on a few requests by Curry.

In a new book, "Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Stephen Curry" by The Athletics' Marcus Thompson, it was revealed that the Warriors pulled a power play on the Davidson standout by denying his request for a no trade clause and for his fifth year to be a player option. Both requests are reasonable from every angle as Steph is one of the most skilled and awarded players in the NBA. He is a two-time MVP, a two-time champion, a four-time All-Star, two-time NBA First Team, two-time NBA Second Team, and a scoring champion in just eight years in the league.

Not to mention being one of the biggest and most popular players in the NBA and the Warriors roster.

This move only proves that no one is indispensable. Not even Steph Curry himself.

With the no trade clause being denied, the seventh pick of the 2009 drafts can be traded at any time should the GSW magic die. Steph, who is unlikely to leave the Bay area, may be forced to if management decides to move the first ever unanimous MVP.

Steph Curry leads Warriors this 2017 NBA Season

Steph Curry's contract may not include reasonable clauses, but he isn't focusing on that. Now $201 million richer, the 29-year-old athlete is proving why he is one of the NBA's best players today. He leads his team in points per game at 28.0 this season (third in the league). He also ranks second in Assists with 6.3 (14th in the league) and steals with 1.6 per game.

Steph Curry's stats and performance have helped his team get five wins in eight games so far. And though this is subpar compared to people's expectations of the team, the Warriors are still believed to be a shoo-in for the 2018 NBA Finals and bets are they will win their third trophy in four years.