Steph Curry is one of the most popular and gifted athletes in the world. The reigning two-time NBA MVP has millions of followers on social media, and it continues to grow by the day. However, SC is not letting anything get in the way of his second NBA championship this year -- not even his multitude of fans. Curry has recently confirmed that he is shutting down his Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts to focus on the NBA Playoffs.

Will this help him and the Golden State Warriors on their championship bid?

Stephen Curry deletes Instagram, Twitter apps from his phone

In an interview before this weekend's' NBA Playoffs 2017 kick off, Curry told ESPN that he had deleted every social media application from his smartphone before Game 1 of the postseason. Calling those "unnecessary distractions," the three-point specialist is focused on accomplishing specific goals this year, and that includes redemption from last year's NBA Finals loss.

“When you’re trying to zone in and keep your focus, you don’t want to have any unnecessary distractions at this point of the season,” the four-time NBA All-Star told the site.

“We have goals to accomplish, and you want to make sure you’re giving your all.”

However, the GSW star said he wouldn't distance himself from everyone entirely.

He will still be sharing a photo or post a tweet now and then without being consumed by the apps. The Steph Curry Instagram, Twitter accounts will still keep fans updated.

"I have a way of sending out messages without getting into my accounts,” he added.

Warriors vs. Blazers Game 2 results, box scores: Steph Curry shines again

It's not a surprise when Steph Curry's stats blow up every game. But with the addition of Kevin Durant to the Warriors, SC's number took a dip. Not to worry though, as he's back to championship form in the Playoffs. In his first post-season game this year, Steph scored 29 points with five rebounds, four steals, a steal and a block.

He helped GSW take home court advantage with a 121-109 win against the Portland Trailblazers.

Warriors vs. Blazers Game 2 had the same ending with Golden State taking over the reigns early on and never looked back. Pushing his team to another landslide with, Curry posted a team-high 19 points with six boards and six assists as they cruised past POR, 110-81. They now lead the round, 2-0. Without Durant (out with calf injury), the Warriors had great help from its bench. Ian Clark had 13 points and slammed dunking JaVale McGee contributed 15. Draymond Green also had a near triple-double night with 6 points, 12 rebounds, and ten assists.

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors will face the Portland Trailblazers again on Saturday, April 22, for game 3 of the NBA Playoffs first round.