Vince Young - step aside. There's a new sheriff in Nashville. Young Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota cemented himself deeper in the team's record book during Thursday night's road showdown at the Pittsburgh Steelers, surpassing one of his best-known predecessors to become one of the top five throwers in franchise history. The fact that he's doing all of this just two and a half seasons into his career show just how special of a quarterback Mariota is going to be.

Mariota makes his move

A few big plays helped to propel Mariota past Young.

By the time the second half was underway, the quarterback had surpassed 8,098 passing yards for his career, which was Young's mark with the Titans prior to his short stint with the Philadelphia Eagles. He needed just 72 yards to move up the ranks, which he single-handedly earned on one play to start the third quarter. He now trails just Warren Moon, Steve McNair, George Blanda, and Dan Pastorini in the record books.

The second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft miss four games in his first two seasons and one this season, but he is still making things happen with the deep ball.

He has yet to throw a red zone interception in his career and has seen his numbers improve every year, especially as the Titans offensive line has improved. With the offense rounding into form this offseason, Mariota has the chance to lead Tennessee where Young never could: the Super Bowl.

Young's legacy in Tennessee

Young and Mariota are far from adversaries.

The two have hung out over the past few years, with Mariota admitting that he was "starstruck" upon meeting the former Titans quarterback. There must be a friendly competition between them, though, as Mariota broke Young's mark for most passing yards by a rookie quarterback in franchise history back in 2015.

Still, Mariota must be considered a threat to Young's legacy.

He was a Rookie of the Year and two-time Pro Bowler, but Young could never push the Titans to the promised land. He also had the strange "disappearance" while playing for the team in 2008. Since the end of his career, he has faced controversies ranging from lawsuits to bankruptcy, further diminishing his stance in the community; he takes his residence in his hometown Houston area.

Mariota is now past the legacy of Vince Young and it's only a matter of time before he starts encroaching on the likes of McNair and Moon in Tennessee Titans lore.