While UFC star Jon Jones awaits the decision on his ban from the organization, welterweight fighter Colby Covington continues to bash him. The fellow MMA star had replied to Jones on Twitter a few weeks ago in a "not so nice" manner. However, just recently he gave more than 240 characters in his response as part of an interview he was doing. Once again, the tone of Covington's words was unfavorable towards the former champion. Could this set up a future fight between Colby Covington and Jon Jones, or is it simply a public display of attention?

It's no secret that there are quite a few fans and fighters who don't really hold much respect for Jon Jones based on his track record.

Colby Covington is clearly part of that group. As the Bloody Elbow on Tuesday, Covington recently appeared on the Submission Radio show to give more thoughts about Jon Jones.

The two MMA fighters once lived together from 2007 through 2009 as they were wrestlers at Iowa Central Community College and even won junior national titles there. However, it appears the experience Covington shared there with Jones wasn't a positive one. Covington talked about how difficult it is to co-exist with Jones based on that time.

What was said?

During the talk, Covington said Jones was difficult to live with and smelled pretty bad. He mentioned that Jones always put on this act of being all about religion and God which he feels isn't true to him.

Covington also talked about the recent tweet that Jones sent out in support of UFC star Georges St-Pierre ahead of the UFC 217 pay-per-view. Jones talked about GSP being someone he'd looked up to and seemed to be in his corner ahead of GSP's main event fight with Michael Bisping for the title. Covington replied to Jones' tweet by calling him out.

He would indicate during the recent interview he felt the "babyface" act Jones put on towards GSP in the tweet was fake. Covington also suggested Jones should go "cheat some more on his wife" or "do more coke."

Covington has now created a list of fighters he seems to have taken issue with. Not only is Jon Jones on that list, but so are American Top Team co-founder Ricardo Liborio and Tyron Woodley.

The latter of these people Covington called out after a win in Brazil with the fans there clearly rooting against him.

Next UFC fights?

As far as Jon Jones, he's yet to make any public responses to Colby Covington. Right now, Jones is still anticipating a ban from the UFC after testing positive for a banned substance Turinabol. That positive test overturned his victory against rival fighter Daniel Cormier several months ago which would have Jon Jones wearing the championship belt now. Instead, he could be out a year or more before he fights again.

Colby Covington is clearly looking to speak his mind more, but also drum up some publicity. After all, this is the combat sports business where trash talking stars like Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Michael Bisping seem to entertain the fans the most while drumming up interest in their fights.