The Cleveland Cavaliers have pulled back over .500 but things in the 2017-18 NBA season are not getting easier for the Cavaliers. Injuries to various players, from Derrick Rose and Tristan Thompson to Derrick Rose and even LeBron James, have kept Cleveland fans looking at the injury blog more and more in the first few weeks of the season. Now, there is another injury that will shake up the Cavaliers even more.

The Latest Cavaliers injury

Just when it looked like the Cleveland Cavaliers were finally getting back on track, the injury bug struck again.

Derrick Rose, the Cavaliers new point guard and former NBA MVP, has spent much of his career on the injured list. Rose now finds himself back there again and Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue said that it might last two to three weeks this time.

The injury this time is the same lingering ankle problems that took him out of action earlier in the season. While Derrick Rose said he was not in a hurry to return because the season was long and he wanted to come back healthy, he might have returned early when the Cleveland Cavaliers started to lose more without him.

Derrick Rose missed a lot of time after he won his NBA MVP award in Chicago. The various injuries Rose faced over the years include a torn ACL and a sprained ankle, among more.

Despite his ankle bothering him this season, he still has an average of 14.3 points-per-game and 2.6 rebounds for the Cleveland Cavaliers so far this season.

What will Cavaliers do without Derrick Rose?

While Derrick Rose is out of action with the latest injury, LeBron James will take on a larger role once again. LeBron is good enough to handle playing the point guard position but this was not something that worked well for the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this season and with Tristan Thompson still hurt, this really limits with the Cavaliers can do on the floor.

The good news is that Derrick Rose will be back by early December and the Cleveland Cavaliers also just got word that Isaiah Thomas might also return around the same time or shortly after that. This is great news for both the Cavaliers and for Rose. While Derrick is still young, the former MVP is not a player that can carry a team anymore.

When Isaiah Thomas comes back, he will be the starting point guard and will be a 25 point-per-game player. That will make Derrick Rose a role player from the bench for the Cleveland Cavaliers and that will help him stay healthy and keep him fresh when the playoffs roll around.