Cleveland Cavaliers are plagued by injuries this season, which is one of their biggest problems. However, even if they were healthy, they probably wouldn't be much better as they don't have enough depth at the center position. Tristan Thompson is the only reliable center on the team, yet he will be out for a few more weeks. The Cavaliers could improve their roster by pulling a few trades, so we might see them make some moves soon.

One of the biggest names on the trade market is Greg Monroe, who was recently traded to the Phoenix Suns. Monroe played for the Milwaukee Bucks before they traded him to Phoenix for Eric Bledsoe.

The big man is not happy with his new team and he wants to play somewhere else, and the Cavaliers are reportedly interested in him.

Even though Monroe is a great young player, the Cavaliers should not trade for him. He is owed nearly $17.9 million this year, so trading for him would require them to give up two or even three players in a deal. There are a few more centers who are available, so Cleveland would be better off trading for one of them.

Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor and Greg Monroe are in similar situations as both of them want to play for another team. To be fair, it is not Okafor's fault that he doesn't want to say on his team as the Philadelphia 76ers have been trying to trade him for a long time.

It appears that the issues with Okafor and Philadelphia are coming to an end as the team will most likely trade him before this year ends.

Unlike Monroe, Okafor's contract is cheap and the Cavaliers shouldn't have too much trouble trading for him. The young center is still on his rookie contract and he is owed just under $5 million this season.

Additionally, the 76ers don't want Okafor, which means that Cleveland has a good chance of acquiring him.

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan is not on a trading block, but if the recent rumors are true, the Los Angeles Clippers may be looking to get rid of him. Jordan is very expensive, however, as he costs $22.6 million this season.

He has a player option on his contract, and he exercises it, he will receive over $24 million next year.

While Jordan is arguably overpaid, he would be a perfect center for the Cleveland Cavaliers as he is one of the best rebounders in the NBA. Beside rebounding, the center can score inside very easily and he is a decent shot blocker. In order to acquire Jordan, the Cavs would have to trade multiple players, but he might be worth it.

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is less expensive than DeAndre Jordan and he is on an expiring contract. Considering that he may not stay in New Orleans after this season, this might be the Cavaliers' opportunity to see if the Pelicans are willing to trade him.

Cousins is the best center in the NBA and he is very versatile.

If LeBron James leaves Cleveland next summer, the Cavaliers will probably turn into one of the worst teams in the league once again. This is why they should trade for Cousins and go all in for a championship ring.

Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez was a star on the Brooklyn Nets, but he has a much smaller role in Los Angeles. Even though he is a starting center for the Lakers, Lopez is averaging career-low 24.6 minutes per game.

It is obvious that Lopez is not a good fit for the Lakers as they are trying to develop their younger players. Also, there is no doubt that the 29-year-old center would like to finally play on a championship contender. Considering that the Cavaliers have a first-round pick in next year's draft, they could probably use it to acquire Lopez.