Chris Paul has returned to play for the Houston Rockets since his departure during the first game of the season due to a bad knee. He went through intensive practices Tuesday and Wednesday to see how his knee responds game-like situations. The team was relieved to know that Paul could return to the line-up faster than expected. Rockets Coach Mike D’Antoni said, “If not Thursday, then we’ll see about Saturday,” where they will be playing the Memphis Grizzlies in Tennessee. Paul ended up getting on the court Thursday against the Phoenix Suns. The idea for Paul, according to The Rockets coach, was to play him on the court for 20 minutes, that’s about half the game.

Fixing up the voids

The talent is definitely there to overcome any voids on the court.

Mike D’Antoni says before the game with the Suns “Knowing there’s going to be bumps in these next ten days let’s get them ironed out. Coach D’Antoni went further on to say “Get the team we want to go into battle with and in the playoffs with if we make it. But that’s to come.We know that.

Ninety points in one half

What they did yesterday was outstanding for a team getting back one of its key players. Scoring 90 points in one half against the Phoenix Suns. Becoming the third team in the shot-clock era (since 1954-55) according to ESPN. The Rockets didn’t let up on the 5-11 team showing no mercy for their lack of skilled players.

Chris Paul ended the game with 11 points 10 assist and 4 rebounds, playing only 21 minutes of the game. James Harden ended the game with 48 points and Eric Gordon with 13. The Sun's aren't the best team in the NBA, but the Rockets put on a show. Giving them with the 12-4 record.

Chris Paul and the team play was unbelievable

Chris Paul did great with shooting long-range shots and making his team a better offense.

Coach Mike D’Antoni's game-plan was to leave Paul, staggering Harden, to get the best court work from Paul. The offense definitely wasn’t hurt by his style of play against the Suns, dominating them every quarter played. A really good win for the Rockets.

Paul was drafted from Wake Forest University in 2005. He has played among some of the greats in the NBA and knows how to run a smooth traditional offense without a second thought.

Scoring shouldn’t be a big problem with the Houston Rockets this year, evidenced by the 142 points they tallied up. They’re breaking records so this new team shouldn’t be taken as a joke, the 2017-18 Rockets are one of the first teams in almost 70 years to score a lot of points, rapidly, in the first half. Practice pays off and these guys been practicing.