Stephen Curry suffered a contusion and was ruled out one game after medical evaluations on the injury. Warriors coach Steve Kerr's decision to sit Stephen Curry was an easy one. He brought on Shaun Livingston for the role and it proved just how prepared the Warriors were for any mishaps. The Warriors dominated the game against the Orlando Magic, led by 21 points from, Kevin Durant. Golden State seemed unstoppable.

Livingston played and finished with 16 points to cap another win at Oracle. Thompson, Green, and Young were all lethal in their shooting.

With the bench adding extra support, the Warriors made it look easy against the Magic.

The games seem to repeat themselves. The Warriors would study their opponents play by play performance in the first half. In the second half, they would totally annihilate them. Even without their star players on the court, they remain focused. The Warriors understand strength in numbers. They play well with each other, not as a single entity.

Steven A. Smith thinks the Warriors need Kevin Durant

According to ESPN's "First Take" and Steven A. Smith, the Warriors need Kevin Durant in order to win a championship. I disagree. It has been proven time and time again that this team is well organized to defend and shoot without key players.

Proof being in the game Kevin Durant missed due to a contusion against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Warriors blew them out the park with a 125-101 win, led by Steph Curry. It showed that the team is talented enough to win games without Durant on the floor every night.

Can the Cavs play as a team?

If you bring up the question about the Cavaliers and James, well, the same principle will apply.

The game is not about one man. And this is what the Warriors understand so well. As great of a player as James may be, he cannot win by himself. It's a combined effort. When you look at the rotation of the ball when the Warriors play, it almost makes you dizzy. They know each other so well. Almost every player holds the ball at least once.

The Cavaliers have struggled and it's partly due to missing pieces and the other part is a collective effort. James may be the greatest player in NBA history, but it takes a team to capture the NBA title. A championship team is a collection of talented individuals. They also know how to play with each other. The Warriors are that team.

No Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant? No problem! The Golden State Warriors continue to play superb basketball, and it's not because one man's a superstar. It's because they play team ball.