The month of November has been a memorable one for Hollywood lookalikes. There have been recent sightings of another Klay Thompson, Kobe Bryant, and now, an amazing Kim Kardashian resemblance has emerged before our eyes. Her name is Sthefany Gutierrez.

Sthefany Gutierrez is an eighteen-year-old beauty pageant from Venezuela who has strikingly similar looks to the famous reality star Kim Kardashian. She is breaking the internet with her sleek jet-black hair and on-point makeup. Very much like the Kardashian starlet. Both bombshells rock similar eyeshadows and flourish with an Egyptian goddess look that captures the attention of every camera angle pointed their way.

Perhaps Gutierrez got some pointers from Kim

Kim Kardashian is currently promoting her KKWBeauty line that empowers women globally to feel confident whenever they step out into the limelight. This would be one of the biggest projects the Kardashian mogul would have undertaken. She launched a cream contour and highlight kit. Four different shades that are light, medium, dark, and deep dark. They are all dual-ended, both the contour stick and the highlighter - one matte and one shimmer. The kit also comes with a dual-ended mixing brush and sponge, costing $48 and will be available on the kkwbeauty website. Perhaps Ms. Gutierrez got some pointers from the cosmetic-line guru?

Should Sthefany and Kim meet?

Sthefany is the current Miss Venezuela Universe. She's an ambassador for many charitable organizations that have fed the homeless and also donated clothing, largely to many who live in Miranda state capital of Venezuela. She's also partnered with other organizations to help children all across her country land.

So you see, she too is a power-house like Kim. These women may be countries apart, but their similarities in looks and deeds mirror each other. Fraternal twins? Perhaps not, but they lookalike in other areas that's for sure. They should definitely meet one day.

These two women probably don't know each other, but they have transformed the world and made it into a glamorous place for us to see.

One, a reality superstar who has already broken the internet several times with an unmatched spirit, gaining millions of views, and the other, a Beauty Queen who takes center stage to show us how strong a woman can be. These two women deserve nothing less than the praise given to them. Congratulations ladies.