The UCLA players created much buzz over the week. LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill. The gifted Young Men found themselves facing prison time after shoplifting in China, potentially throwing their future and basketball careers out the window. Ball, the most widely known of the three, is the son of businessman Lavar Ball and younger brother to NBA star Lonza Ball. The Ball family owns the Big Baller Brand shoe company that made headlines because of the whopping $495.00 price tag for one pair of shoes.

The UCLA players held a press conference to address what transpired after being released.

The department of athletics gave an introduction on what would be briefed. Shortly then, all three young men dressed alike in their gray striped UCLA attire came out. They were prepared to address the live coverage. Each of the players held a letter of apology. This, according to a report by the Associated Press, took place on Wednesday (Nov. 15).

Trump intervened to help

Cody Riley was the first to address the media. He took full responsibility for what he did. He thanked his family, friends, and in a surprise statement, he also thanked President Trump! That's right! President Trump! LiAngelo Ball was next and followed fashion, thanking his family, friends and yes, Donald Trump! Jalen Hill did the same.

All three UCLA players thanked the president for making it possible to come home. They did not take any questions from the media, but it was clear that Trump had a huge hand in making it possible for their release. They were facing 10 years in prison! Yikes! UCLA didn't take it lightly, however, and handed the young men an indefinite suspension.

Coach Steve Alford stated, "These are good young men who have exercised an inexcusable lapse of judgment and now they have to live with that."

Did President Trump just save the day?

The President has been unpopular because of recent tweets and vocal outbursts, but it's fair to say that he has helped these young men escape prison time and an unsure future.

Who would have thought?! President Trump saved the day! Or did he? Let's hope this doesn't backfire boys. It's now up to them to uphold the school’s standards if they ever wish to see the basketball court again. They must focus on their school work and realize the severity of what transpired. Lavar Ball, on the other hand, doesn't seem too fazed by his son’s transgressions. He was recently quoted saying that, "it ain't that big a deal" on his son’s arrest. Let us hope he reconsiders his choice of words.