Cleveland Cavaliers’ rebounding problem has been exposed quite a number of times. Barely five weeks into the season, the Cavaliers have unexpectedly been dominated by teams which they could have easily beaten the previous seasons.

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently sits at 9th place in the Eastern Conference with a dismal 6-7 win-loss record care of teams like Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, New Orleans Pelicans and New York Knicks. And tonight, they face the Knicks anew.

Rematch against the Knicks

During their first meeting this season, the New York Knicks have outrebounded the Cleveland Cavaliers, 51-41.

While LeBron James and Kevin Love managed to grab 10 and 11 rebounds, respectively; Tristan Thompson, the Cavs’ center and who was supposed to help haul down the ball, was rendered helpless. He finished the game with four personal fouls and without a single rebound.

The Knicks will be bannered again Kristaps Porzingis, one of early fan favorites to become a candidate for the MVP plum. But even at 7’3”, Porzingis is not the Knicks’ center – it’s Enes Kanter, one of Carmelo Anthony’s trade replacements. And the first 12 games they have played, Kanter has done quite a great job in securing the ball.

NY’s Triple Tower

And then the much-awaited return of Joakim Noah who is expected to make life a little more miserable for the Cavaliers’ big men.

Without Thompson, Love will have to face the Knicks’ Twin Towers alone according to Tyronn Lue’s playbook depicting a small ball lineup. While Love has shown consistency in scoring and rebounding, it’s interesting to see how he will fare against Porzingis and Kanter.

And then there’s Courtney Lee, who has done a tremendous job in outhustling the Cavaliers’ two-guard post.

Aside from Lee who scored 15 against the Cavaliers, three more Knicks has scored in double figures: Tim Hardaway (34), Porzingis (32), and Kanter (18). And that game happened at Quicken Loans Arena. Tonight, the New York Knicks host LeBron James, Kevin Love, and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden.

Will it be Monroe, Noel, or Cousins?

After the surprise trade between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns, there were rumors that the Cavaliers want to get Greg Monroe. Amico Hoops recently reported that “the Cleveland Cavaliers have a strong interest in Greg Monroe, and are exploring ways to obtain the Phoenix Suns’ newly acquired center.”

However, Cavs general manager Koby Altman must decide who to send to Phoenix to acquire Monroe. Plus, the Cavaliers already have the biggest salary in the league this season at $137 million and acquiring Monroe means another $17.8 million.

By not fielding Nerlens Noel when the Cavaliers visited Dallas, the Mavericks were thought to be trying to withhold the 6’11” center before sending him to Cleveland.

Though Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle later clarified the issue as “minutes have to be earned”, the trade rumor has already tickled the minds of Cavs fans.

During the offseason, DeMarcus Cousins’ name has been mentioned a number of times whenever trade talks involving the Cleveland Cavaliers are the topic. And a lot of NBA fans are looking forward to Boogie joining LeBron James and Kevin Love especially before Kyrie Irving left. But like Monroe, Boogie is currently playing the last year of his contract, which is worth $18 million, before seeking a high-paying contract in July.