The TCS New York City marathon is scheduled on Sunday, 4th November and in view of the recent terror attack in Manhattan, authorities are taking no chances. The vehicle-mounted attack in the bike-track killed eight innocent citizens and has revealed that terrorists are lurking in the most unlikely of places.

Therefore, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have updated various measures to extend necessary security coverage to ensure a high level of safety for all those associated with this major sporting event. This has been confirmed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo while Mayor Bill de Blasio has added that there are no credible or specific threats against the marathon or the city.

A prestigious event

CNN reports that the New York City marathon attracts sportspersons from all over the world. Mayor De Blasio has said that it is a globally-broadcast event, and an important day for the city. According to estimates, there will be upwards of 50,000 participants who will come from around 100 countries to take part in the prestigious event. Moreover, the number of onlookers lining up in the streets will be in the millions. It will be a herculean task to provide security coverage for a gathering of such proportions.

The added focus on security is because of the ISIS-inspired recent terror attack near in Manhattan. Eight innocent cyclists were killed in the attack, and many more injured.

Police Chief Carlos Gomez has stated that the number of sand trucks will be increased and NYPD Counter-terrorism teams will do whatever is necessary for safety of the pedestrians. In addition to this, there will be deployment of specialized teams that will include snipers. There will be dog squads equipped with radiation detection devices and explosive-detecting devices.

There will also be aerial and waterways surveillance.

Marathon will go on

Fears of a terrorist attack in a public place, especially where people gather in large numbers, stretches the security apparatus to the limit. The organizers of the New York City marathon are pulling out all the stops to provide security coverage that will ensure an event which will be remembered for a long time.

The bombing in the 2013 Boston marathon revealed how an innocuous-looking pressure cooker was converted into a lethal weapon. Terrorists try to disguise their weapons to avoid getting caught. They are holding the world to ransom, and lone-wolf operators have become a matter of concern for the authorities.