The Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled as they start their attempt to reach their fourth consecutive NBA Finals. Despite signing Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, the loss of Kyrie Irving has hurt more than the Cavaliers hoped. Thc Cavaliers sit under .500 with a 6-7 record and the problem isn't just at point guard but also in the paint, with Jae Crowder off to a slow start and Tristan Thompson out since Nov. 1.

The Cavaliers looking at bringing in another center

Tristan Thompson is out until December with a left calf injury. The Cleveland Cavaliers opened the season by moving power forward Kevin Love to the center position and have been playing Love (a natural power forward) and Jae Crowder in the paint as they try to rebound from their tough start.

AmicoHoops reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking at bringing in a new center to add to their bench and possibly push Jae Crowder for playing time in the lineup. The report indicates that The Cavaliers are interested in trying to acquire Greg Monroe from the Phoenix Suns.

The Greg Monroe situation

The Milwaukee Bucks officially traded Greg Monroe and a first and second round draft pick to the Phoenix Suns for Eric Bledsoe. This was a move needed to give Bledsoe his release after he publically stated that he no longer wanted to remain in Phoenix. However, the deal was just to get rid of Bledsoe and Monroe was never officially part of the plans in Phoenix.

By trading away Greg Monroe, the Milwaukee Bucks officially declared that the time for John Henson was now.

However, ESPN reported that the Phoenix Suns had no real interest in keeping Monroe and that the chance of him remaining with the Suns through the end of the season was minimal. The trade was to add more draft picks for the struggling Suns.

Phoenix Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough said that he is open to a number of scenarios concerning Greg Monroe.

The ideas include trading him or offering a buy out for the big center. The Suns plan to meet with Monroe to discuss their options and see what he wants first. However, Phoenix wants to trade Monroe and that wouldn't work for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Greg Monroe

The biggest problem is that Greg Monroe, 29, is in the last season of a $50 million, three-year contract.

His 2017-18 numbers total $17.8 million, and that is out of reach for the Cleveland Cavaliers right now. If the Cavaliers want to sign Monroe, they likely need to wait for a buyout but the San Antonio Spurs are interested as are the Denver Nuggets.