After a disappointing series against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the conference finals last year, the Boston Celtics knew they needed to make adjustments to compete against a team led by Lebron James. Multiple offseason moves were implemented, including the acquisition of former Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving and former Utah Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward.

In addition, young players such as Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum were drafted in hopes of growing them into potential stars. Through seven games, the Celtics have shown promise as well as struggle.

Here are some takeaways on the season so far.

Kyrie Irving is a leader

Many critics questioned Kyrie's leadership skills after his separation from Lebron. Many believed that Irving did not have the capability to lead a team by himself. Also, he has shown that he can fit into Brad Stevens' coaching system. Kyrie Irving is seen as a shoot first, pass second point guard, which sometimes leads to poor ball management. Coach Stevens focuses on ball distribution between all players on the floor. There was a lot of speculation that Kyrie wouldn't pass enough for the Celtics' offense.

Kyrie Irving has been proving the critics wrong so far. In the first game of the season against the Cavaliers, his former team, Irving earned ten assists, along with 22 points on 8-17 from the field.

He's adjusted to the Celtics' offense and stated that passing will be his focus on the season.

Early injuries

Unfortunately, the Celtics are dealing with minor and severe injuries throughout the team. Currently, recently acquired Gordon Hayward is out of the lineup due to a fractured ankle that potentially has him sidelined for the entire season.

He landed badly on his ankle in the first few minutes of the season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fans and players saw the severity of the injury and wished him the best on social media. Hayward is one of the best players on the roster and his injury has hurt the roster.

Growing talent

New and veteran players are growing throughout the Celtics' roster.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are proving to be worth the draft picks. Covering for Hayward's injury, both players are effective on the court. Jayson Tatum can impact the game from multiple perspectives. Through scoring, defense, or ball movement, Tatum's size and mobility allows him to dominate in all aspects. Jaylen Brown has become Jae Crowder's replacement in terms of the team's most versatile defender. In addition, his ball control and shooting has improved, making Brown a valuable asset.

Looking forward

The Celtics look great right now. At 5-2, they lead the Eastern Conference as well as the NBA power rankings. They have few weak spots on the roster for other teams to exploit. The team is performing great as a whole.

Kyrie, Tatum, and Brown lead the offense and Horford's improved defense has been valuable in multiple games. They look like the Eastern Conference leaders as of now, and a championship run is very possible.