I have never seen such a disconnect between the head coach and players like reports are saying that McAdoo has with his team. Even when the Giants lost their first six games with Tom Coughlin as head coach, there was still mutual respect between him and the players. The New York Giants are currently 1-7 this season and, sources say that Ben McAdoo has lost control of the Giants' locker room. It was obvious that there were problems but, no one could have expected these events.

Previous incidents

Throughout the season, reports gave detailed incidents of altercations between players and Ben McAdoo.

The first incident was between Ben McAdoo and cornerback, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. Rogers-Cromartie did not appreciate being benched before a key game against the Denver Broncos and, lost his temper when he heard McAdoo's explanation. As a result, Rogers-Cromartie left practice early without permission which resulted in his suspension by McAdoo.

Last week, another cornerback, Janoris Jenkins, was suspended indefinitely for missing a team practice without notifying the Giants' coaching staff. McAdoo said that Jenkins did not communicate with him until the day after and as a result, Jenkins will be suspended. On Sunday, the Giants played the LA Rams and suffered a crushing 51-17 loss.This is the second time a key defensive player has missed practice and was suspended.

This trend is the result of a larger issue in the Giants' locker room.

McAdoo's authority challenged

Two Giants' players, who asked to remain anonymous, say that McAdoo is ruining the team. One player says that McAdoo tires them out in practice the day before a game, changes their off days, hands out fines generously, suspends stars in critical games, and throws players under the bus.

One player doesn't find McAdoo inspiring, especially considering the fact that McAdoo was very lackluster during a pivotal halftime against the Rams.The other player says that McAdoo does not have the presence of a leader that former head coach Tom Coughlin had. He explained that McAdoo wouldn't approach players if there was a problem but, fine them later for it.

Some players have given statements in defense of McAdoo. Rogers-Cromartie, who was suspended earlier due to a disagreement, said that McAdoo did not lose the locker room and that the team still supports him. Safety Landon Collins said that the team's record falls on everyone and he fully supports McAdoo as head coach. The conflicting statements between the anonymous players and them only prove that the Giants' locker room is in disarray. There are players who have given up on McAdoo while some are still trying to salvage the season.