The New York Giants' season continues to show no sign of progression. Halfway into the season, the Giants are currently 1-7, on a two-game losing streak. No one expected the Giants to perform this poorly after reaching the playoffs last year. A lot of unfortunate circumstances and flaws in the Giants' team have led to such an abysmal season. This game against the LA Ram only strengthened the arguments made earlier in the season.

Eli Manning's poor performance

Eli Manning is a cornerstone of the Giants' offense as quarterback. If he performs well, then the offense performs well.

If he performs poorly, then the offense suffers. Throughout the game, Manning overthrew open receivers such as Sterling Shepard and Tarraves King that could have been touchdowns. He misread the Ram's defense on multiple occasions which led to an interception and fumble.

Manning has fumbled five times in the past four games, losing three of them. He ended the game with 20 completed passes out of 36 attempts, 220 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. In the last two minutes of the game, he was replaced by the backup quarterback, Geno Smith.

Ben McAdoo under fire

A 51-17 loss is the type of score where the leadership of the team is questioned. Coach Ben McAdoo has faced multiple challenges to his authority throughout the season.

Early in the season, he suspended Dominique Rogers-Cromartie for walking out on practice. Recently, cornerback Janoris Jenkins was suspended for failing to show up to the team's first post-bye week practice on Monday. These incidents never happened under Tom Coughlin's era as head coach and many analysts wonder why McAdoo doesn't have the same respect in the Giants' locker room.

These incidents make it clear that Ben McAdoo should not be the head coach. Despite what McAdoo and the players say, the actions that are being reported show that the players do not respect his decisions. Keeping McAdoo as head coach makes the general manager, Jerry Reese, look bad so, a decision is needed soon.

Players are giving up

It is difficult for any player to try his best every week and lose each game. Naturally, players are going to stop putting that same level of effort as the season progresses. The LA Rams are a good team but, there is no reason the Giants' defense should have allowed 51 points. The Giants' defense is one of the hallmarks of an otherwise terrible team. With all-pro players on the defense and playing at home, the defense should have played much better than what happened yesterday.

The lackluster effort in this game is another reason why Ben McAdoo must be fired. This game was one of the most embarrassing losses in Giants' history and to make it worse, it was at home. A lot of changes in the offseason are needed if the Giants want to recover from this terrible season.