The 2018 NFL season has continued to entertain fans as the competition heats up. As the NFL season continues to progress we are able to truly see the top teams in the NFL. It’s clear, the teams who act as the powerhouses in their respective conferences are starting to make sure their playoff run is one that can be executed. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers sit on top of their division and do not plan on moving for weeks to come. With playoff football right around the corner, who are the top teams in the NFL?

#5 Dallas Cowboys (5-3)

Many people would have the Kansas City Chiefs on their top five list, but Sunday has shown that momentum changes fast in the NFL. When the Dallas Cowboys were able to beat the Kansas City Chiefs team, who was feared throughout the league in the very beginning weeks of the season it was clear that the Chiefs have hit a mid-season slump.

On the brighter side, the Cowboys are picking up steam as they try to keep up with their inter-division rival the Philadelphia Eagles. Many forget that the Cowboys are two games behind the NFC East leaders. With help from Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott as always, the Cowboys could potentially make a long playoff run.

#4 Los Angeles Rams (6-2)

This season has acted as a complete turnaround for the Los Angeles Rams. This NFC team has truly shocked teams with their ability to run the tables each time they step onto the gridiron. Offense is key for the Rams. They are ranked first overall in the league in points per game and third in yards per game.

Their defense is able to hold teams off the scoreboard long enough for Jared Goff and company to make plays. Although there is not as equally strong as their offense, the Rams have shown that they are able to handle themselves when it comes to big-time situations.

#3 New England Patriots (6-2)

As long as Tom Brady is on the field and active for the New England Patriots they will always be a top-five NFL team.

The Patriots have been able to maintain a 6-2 record, quietly, as the hype of other NFL team’s journey to improvement has been stealing the media’s interest.

In a season where most NFL teams are airing the ball out with the passing game, the Patriots are leading the way. They are currently first in the league in passing yards, averaging 411 yards per game. Tom Brady still has the ability to scorch defenses and it might be easier this year with the number of young corners and safeties getting their starts in the NFL.

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that most defensive coordinators fear when they are seen on the NFL schedule. Their ability to pass and run the ball effectively at any time worries the front seven players of each defense throughout the league.

After a shaky start, including a blowout loss to the Jaguars, the Steelers have been on a three-game win streak.

Instead of joining the competition in week nine, Pittsburgh enjoyed their midseason bye week to refocus on the rest of the season that is ahead. As their offense creates opportunities their defense continues to keep the Steelers in games long enough for Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell to take over like they know how.

#1 Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

The Number one team in football, as of now, has to be the Philadelphia Eagles. They currently have the best record in the league at 8-1 as they continue to handle teams with ease week in and week out. Carson Wentz has been the key ingredient this season and has been the reason why Philadelphia has been successful this season.

Their recent trade with the Dolphins for Jay Ajayi has put the team on a new tier of greatness. With a lethal passing game and an improving running game, the Eagles will be hard to stop this year.