NBA trade rumors had been connecting Marc Gasol to the Boston Celtics, but there may be a wrench in the rumors.

After the Memphis Grizzlies fired head coach David Fizdale on Monday (Nov. 27), there were rumors that the team could be looking to make further shakeups on the roster. Center Marc Gasol would be the most attractive piece on the roster and a trade could help bring assets like draft picks or younger talent to help the Grizzlies rebuild.

The Boston Celtics were identified as a potential trade partner, with the Eastern Conference powerhouse looking to continue bulking up the roster for what will likely be a showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers to reach the NBA Finals.

Marc Gasol may be staying put

Memphis Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace had other thoughts. As NESN reported, Wallace made it clear that Gasol is not going anywhere.

"We have no intention to trade Marc," Wallace told ESPN. "We never seriously considered that at all. We never placed any calls to any teams in that regard. So, that's not happening."

While denials like this are common when dealing with NBA trade rumors, Wallace was more direct than most front offices in squashing the rumors. He also headed off reports that Mike Conley would be on the trade block.

Gasol's status could still change

While it appears that Marc Gasol is solidly off the NBA trade block at the moment, that does not necessarily mean the situation will stay that way.

The Memphis Grizzlies currently stand at 7-13 and are on the fringes of playoff contention, looking up at a Western Conference stacked with powerhouse teams like the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. If Wallace decides that the team will not remain competitive, Gasol would be one of the most likely players to go on the trade block, as dealing his $24.1 million salary next season would free up space for the Grizzlies to make other moves.

There is still plenty of time for the NBA trade rumors to take more shape and for the Memphis Grizzlies to potentially change their mind about moving Marc Gasol. The NBA trade deadline is still about three months away, and Gasol's value could increase should any of the contenders face injuries.

And if the Grizzlies do want to trade Marc Gasol, the best time may be soon.

As Bleacher Report writer Tom Haberstroh noted, Gasol turns 33 in January and has been plagued by injuries. If the Grizzlies want to get a decent return on him, they may need to start shopping him now.