The 2017 World Series may be concluding this evening, but the MLB Trade Rumors are just beginning to heat up. Baseball season never really ends for team owners and general managers, especially for teams that are in vast need of improvement. One team in need of more than just a band-aid style fix is the Detroit Tigers.

Ron Gardenhire needs a staff

With the hiring of, Ron Gardenhire, announced just two weeks ago, it is going to be interesting to see which way the Tigers head this offseason. As if losing Justin Upton, Cameron Maybin and JD Martinez during the season weren't a hard enough pill for fans in Motown to swallow, watching Justin Verlander dust away nearly everyone he has faced since becoming a member of the Houston Astros is enough to put fans completely over the edge!

The Tigers are banking that hiring Gardenhire will bring some stability to a dramatically different looking roster in 2017. Now that Detroit has their new manager, who exactly will be on his staff remains to be seen.

While names like Rick Anderson and Joe Vavra are being tossed around for possible members of Gardy’s staff, how about Torii Hunter? Hunter is currently a Twins executive who still looks like he could play the game today. Getting Hunter to leave his executive role may not be that difficult, especially since he has close ties with Gardenhire, and has had a few good seasons playing with the Tigers.

Hunter is young, knowledgeable and he would bring positive mojo to the Tigers clubhouse, just like he did when he played in Detroit a few seasons ago.

Jacoby Ellsbury, Michael Fulmer deals coming?

Jacoby Ellsbury’s name seems to come up in MLB trade rumors almost monthly. Michael Fulmer's does not. Yet they both seem to be at the top of the rumor mill, at the moment. Outside of Justin Verlander, Michael Fulmer has been the best pitcher on the Tigers staff over the past two seasons.

His 21-19 record does not indicate how great he has been over the past two years for Detroit.

Fulmer is young and has electric stuff when he is right, so instead of dealing him, maybe the Tigers should build around him. As indicated in a recent Fansided report, several teams, including the Nationals and Yankees, have interest in the 24-year-old.

And why not? At $500,000, Fulmer is a steal right now.

Speaking of the Yankees, it seems more Jacoby Ellsbury rumors are surfacing. According to, the Yankees are shopping Ellsbury and it is believed that the Seattle Mariners are looming as the front-runners. At 34-year-old, Ellsbury could bring stability to a veteran team to who is on the cusp of making a postseason run. With Brett Gardner, Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge and Clint Frazier already holding down the Yanks outfield, trading Ellsbury seems like it is going to happen this offseason - the only question is when.