With the Toronto Maple Leafs, there have definitely been many positives this season. But with a strict general manager and coach, they will continue to look for areas to improve on. This Team inevitably has a long way to go. Although Lou Lamoriello has claimed that there has been progression and growth with the team, he believes that the defense still needs work.

Lou Lamoriello

The Toronto Maple Leafs GM has generated a quick, young, and high-scoring team. The team has been full of energy with many youngsters on the team. Players like Auston Matthews and James Van Riemsdyk have represented dexterity and tenacity.

But as of recent, the scoring has diminished a bit, and we’ve seen the team focus on defense. The month of November has showcased the strength of the team but, more importantly, that of the goaltender. Overall, the blue line is improving but it’s still an area that the team needs to improve on.

I think that Lamoriello believes that the team is definitely improving and as far as the goals against the team, that has also improved. The Leafs can get better in all areas, but if there is one area to focus on defense is it. It is evident that the Leafs roster consists of defensive players that are still relatively young.

Young defensive play

Both Roman Polak and Connor Carrick have been rotating with the defense on the team.

In addition, Ron Hainsey has been a player that the team has been able to depend on. He has ultimately helped out in a big way. Overall, three of the team's players are still quite young. There's Morgan Rielly, Jake Gardiner, and Nikita Zaitsev. Defensive players overall don’t play their best in the NHL until they reach the age of about 27.

Maybe Lou believes that rookie defenceman Andreas Borgman is also making a difference with the team. It appears he is definitely content with what they have done with the team and how they are progressing.

The Leafs defense was in action Tuesday, November 28, against Calgary and the Maple Leafs were able to control the Flames' offense.

The Leafs were also able to control Jaromir Jagr. His decision to continue to play in the NHL is definitely admirable. Let's also not forget how well Andersen played. Polak and Zaitsev each got a goal against Mike Smith. Lamoriello claimed he was happy with how the team played against Calgary. Lamoriello is looking to, without a doubt, win the Stanley Cup with the Leafs and player Patrick Marleau have mentioned this as well.